Friday, 18 June 2010

Where is my little baby?

He appears to have been replaced by a one year old!! (well a year and 2 days now)

Noah can now walk all the way across the room unaided, he can brush his own teeth, all 8 of them. He loves musical instruments and enjoys playing the glockenspiel or my Dad's guitar. He asks for the telly when he wants it by pointing the remote at the tv and shouting, he loves reading books, even my cook books. He still doesn't really like wearing clothes and prefers to be naked, I appear to have a naturist, and he loves being outdoors. We nearly have sleeping through! Ok it is probably one night in 4 he will make it through to 6 am, but even so it is a vast improvement, and most nights he makes it until about 4 before walking for some milk even if not all the way through. He is still a huge flirt and I fear I will have to watch him with the ladies as he gets bigger, he is all smiles and tilts of the head for a pretty girl. And feeding himself is still ermm.... messy

Noah's party isn't until saturday, so praying for sunshine, but what a difference a year makes!


Me said...

Happy birthday Noah!

Bernardeena said...

Thanks! His party was great, the sun shone and he was so excited to have all his friends and family and special people here.