Tuesday, 8 June 2010

So after yesterdays scan I now have a official due date of 28th December. We had a good chat about vbac and they so far seem happy for me to give it a go as long as my scar from last time seems ok. The only thing they were slightly concerned about was the relatively small gap between the two. I know people who have had much smaller gaps who have gone on to have a vbac so not too concerned. I get to meet with the doctor at 36 weeks for a final decision anyway so plenty of time. Here he or she is anyway, and a right little wriggler!

They also seems to be taking a lot more note of my uterus shape this time which is good. All in all a good appointment, they gave me some leaflets about vbac and told me to prepare any questions I might have for at my 20 week scan.

And not to forget Noah here is a picture of him swimming. He loves swimming and goes nearly every week, however it is a shame I can't post the picture of my niece as that truely is fantastic. I don't think I'm ready to share this blog with my family though!


Courtney said...

Just saw your comment and congrats!!! For some reason, you are not on my google reader so I had no idea?! Fixing that now!