Friday, 28 June 2013

And another finish


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A finish

I have been holding off this post as I am so very very very close to another finish, but I have decided that can wait until another day, and for now I will very quickly just share this blanket finish, that I made for a friend.

It may only be basic, but I am really pleased with it.

Monday, 17 June 2013


Yesterday was Lightning's 4th birthday. 4, I don't know whether it seems longer or shorter then 4 years, but they have been 4 fun, frustrating, fabulous years. I love him so much and it is lovely to see him growing up into a lovely, kind (mostly), caring little boy.

We had an absolutely lovely weekend, the promise of very heavy rain and hail passed as mostly sun, we managed to get the bbq out, and lots of fun was had with his new skateboard and scooter. And when the rain did come, there was lego and meccano to play with. Infact the husband was still playing with the meccano long after the boys were in bed.

As for crochet, look something new for me. I am edging one of the blankets I have 98% finished! Nearly there, then I need to finish Lightnings rainbow blanket and then onto things new.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What a week!

Probably a bit late in posting but last week was quite a week. The husband was away for 3 days, the boys played up lots for attention, the sun shone all week, Happy feet slept through for the first time ever, and the end of the week brought an A&E trip and a hospital stay! Happy feet had Croup and was struggling to breathe which meant a Saturday night trip to accident and emergency, some steriods and then an overnight stay for us both. He didn't seem bothered by the whole hospital experience though, and when they brought him toast and juice while on a steroid high at 1.30am he announced he was having a nice day!

Despite all that I actually seem to have got some crafting done. The squares for Lightnings blanket are all done and just waiting to be joined together, have the ends woven in, and edged. I'm really pleased with them and love the colour. As always rubbishy phone pictures don't do this justice.

The jumper I am making for myself is also very slowly making progress. Hopefully I'll take some picture of that soon. I have lots of new projects I want to start but I'm being very disciplined that I need to finish some things before I start anything new! Given that the sun has gone today I may be spending slightly less time in the garden and a bit more knitting and crocheting so hopefully I'll have more updates soon now I have got the bug back.