Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A special gift

I've been really missing my Grandad these past couple of weeks. He died in March but it seems so much longer ago. His house sale is just going through so the final house clearance was done a couple of weeks ago. While they were doing this they found an envelope at the bottom of an old box, inside the envelope was these.

My grandma died just before I was born, I believe in the March and I was born in the May so I never got to meet her. This is her wedding, engagement and eternity ring. At some point after she died my Grandad's house was burgled and people were left to believe these rings had been taken, we presume my Grandad let people believe that to avoid politics and maybe so he could keep them himself? They are a size k, the same as my wedding ring, apparently it is from my grandma I get my figure and we must have had the same size hands. My uncle has passed these on, I have now put the eternity ring on with my wedding and engagement ring and think about my grandad a lot. It has to be a bit of a family secret with certain people which is sad, but I am so very very grateful to have them.

Monday, 22 October 2012

On and off the needles.

I am tired, so tired, so the needles haven't been top priority. Also my keyboard currently looks like this so blogging isn't top either

That is it's third keyboard, it's 4th is in the post. It has also survived 2 seperate pints of water. I should never leave it to do such frivolous things as tidy up or get dressed.

Here is a couple of the bits I have knitted. I had a request, fot a very very long pink hat, the initial pink he chosen was too garish so I chose a different one, and here he is, the coolest kid in preschool. He is very happy.

Also off the needles are a couple of baby hats for friends, a couple of headbands, and some more wristwarmers for me made in a lovely chunky yarn bought for me by a friend.
As for on the needles there are mainly presents for Christmas, but I shall capture those later as it is time for nursery pick up.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Wave of light.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ring slings for Papua New Guinea

Following on from the cloth nappy donation post I will like to share this story. It is a blog I have never read before but it was shared withme and Iwould like to share it with you. If you have the time please read it, they are looking to help the women and babies of Papua new Guinea by providing them with a ring sling as a means to feed their babies as they gather food.

Cloth Nappies for Ethiopia

This post is taken from Iamnotthebabysitter but I thought I would share it with you all incase anyone can help.

Sister Donna lives in a rural area a couple hours outside of Awassa, Ethiopia. As of right now the sister is asking for one thing that she said would dramatically impact the health of the village- cloth diapers.

Children are not diapered, which poses less of a problem during the day when they are outside. However, the infants and unpotty-trained children are sharing a bed with their parents (and often other family members) on one thin pad used as a mattress. The children will urinate and defecate on the mattress. It is not cleaned properly and never replaced, which is where the health issues start to arise. Cloth diapers can dramatically reduce the ocurrence of upper respiratory issues in the people of the village as well as a host of other hygiene related illnesses.

Knowing the AP crowd seems to like to cloth diaper (I definitely did!) I think this is a need that can be met by this community. If anyone wants to start a cloth diaper drive for the sister or just send in your new or gently used cloth diapers (any kind of cloth diaper is welcome) send to the address below, or contact me if you have more questions!

Let’s do this!

If you are interested in donating your used cloth diapers, or would like to send new cloth diapers to the sister please sent via this address:
Co. Eric Nothelfer
addis Ababd Pl.
Dulles Va. 20189-2030

Sr Donna Frances