Thursday, 21 June 2012

Spanking - A rant.

There are times when facebook winds me up. More to the point there are times when the rubbish that people post on facebook really wind me up.

Todays offering was about laughing at people who are against smacking, and that kids who aren't smacked show no respect and have no problem and that is the problem with the youth of today. I did leave a comment but almost instantly deleted it, and I have come here to rant instead. I'm still tempted to go back and rant though....

I shall start with this little gem "I didn't fear them, I feared getting caught doing something wrong" Fear. Fear is my biggest issue. It isn't just in the moment of the actual smack. It isn't just in childhood. It isn't just with the person doing the smacking. I was smacked as a child. It left me with a fear of leaving my children with my mother as I didn't want her to treat them like she treated us. We have talked through this together but it has been a very real issue for me. It left me with a fear of anger. It has left me scared that whenever someone gets angry and starts shouting that someone is about to get leathered.

Next offering is this "I wasn't abused, I was disciplined, this is why kids nowadays have no respect for anyone" Firstly, not smacking does not equal not discipling. I can discipline my children without smacking thank you. Secondly smacking a child does not teach them respect, it taught me quite the opposite infact. Disdain maybe, dislike definitely at times, and anger. I respect a lot of people, oddly enough they didn't need to belt me to get that respect.

Smacking can teach children if you don't like someones behavious it is ok to hurt them. This is not something I want my boys growing up believing.

You may laugh at my decision not to spank, but it is one I whole heartedly believe in.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Round and round

I have been quiet recently, but I finished the initial leg warmers, and 2 more pairs, and I'm on another. I think I have this round thing cracked, and leg warmers are great for when I have no brain power left and am just crashed in front of the tv when the boys are in bed. Socks will come next.

As for the rare times when I do have peace and quiet and a bit of brain power the lace dress is coming on ok but slowly. I have started the front but a bit of a way to go yet.

I have also bought yet another pattern, but I have far too many wip to even consider buying yarn for it yet. I love the pattern though. I'm going to do the long one but with the v neck I think.
Given the stacks or patterns and yarn in my queue it may be a while.

Knitting aside things are mostly good here. The big one has stopped having a nap, which means less free time and more over tired meltdowns, but at least bed times are going a little easier. The little one has just discovered he can fight sleep too, having so far been the one who has always been really easy to get to sleep with a feed. So we are making sure his naps aren't too long either.

They are both getting so grown up, the big one will be 3 this weekend! Little one has just started to be understandable, having always been a big talker but always been very unclear. It is suddenly all coming together though which is lovely to hear and probably makes things less frustrating for him. It is so lovely to see the boys together, yes they fall out and smack each other, but they can be so loving and kind too. I love my little family.

I'm not one for sharing little pictures off facebook normally, but I really liked this one. I may not always be quiet or calm but I really liked this poem so thought I'd share.