Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spring is finally dawning

The snow has mostly melted and the sun is shining. I saw lambs in the field this week, it feels like Spring has now arrived. Lightening helped me plant some seeds this week, I am finally getting started on the garden. I am so ready for spring to arrive, I  want to be outside and digging over the vegetable plot.

Easter has been a difficult one here, we had another round of sickness bugs, which this time got me and the husband too.

A week has passed since I wrote those first lines. I'm having a bad mummy day today. I'm so tired,  I just need to sleep. I want some peace and space today but instead the boys are intent on falling out constantly. I have been awake far too long. And now happy feet has just upended a cup of milk in a strop. Marvelous.

Yesterday was a better day, hopefully today will improve and I'll stop wallowing soon. Eitherway, look what we did yesterday!

It was lovely to get outside and they both loved riding the pony, who belongs to the people I used to nanny for. They loved brushing the horses and looking at the lambs and it was so nice to be out and enjoy a bit of sunshine. The lambs were so silly and funny, the boys could chatter and squeal at them and they kept coming forward to play, but the second an adult walked close they ran off back to hide with mum.

The boys were also excited by looking at our seedlings and replanting them yesterday. It is amazing how quickly things can grow and change. We are still behind with the garden, but at least the potates have now been planted, the first carrot seeds and spring onions have been planted, the cat poo/vegetable patch has been dug over, the plum tree has been pruned and we have our first seedlings all popping up. Hopefully we'll get more done over the next few days, although tomorrow some much needed rain is supposed to arrive. Despite the snow and the very cold weather there has actually been very little rain and the garden is quite dry.

So hopefully I will start sleeping better soon and I'l be back and more upbeat.