Thursday, 3 June 2010

Big weekend away

This weekend was my first time seperate from Noah overnight, and it was very nearly a non starter. Having ummed and arghed for ages I had decided to go away for the weekend to a hen weekend I'd been invited to, and leave Noah with Hubby for the weekend. I was going to be gone lunch time friday and not back until mid afternoon sunday, which was a BIG deal for me as I have never been seperate from him for more then a few hours. Fine, I settled all this in my mind, until Thursday night. When Noah slept, really well compared to what he had been doing, but then he woke up, and he was covered in sick. So I brought him into our bed, and soon I was covered in sick and our bed was too. I have never seen anyone soo pleased about being sick, he looked so pleased with himself! I think mainly as it meant he got to take his clothes off and come in our bed for cuddles with us both.

I very very nearly didn't go, leaving him was hard enough, but when he was sick too? However he seemd fine in himself, I knew hubby was capable and it would do them both good to spend time together, plus the hen would have been really disappointed if I hadn't gone. So bags packed and off I went to Snowdon in Wales.

We got there and the weather was gorgeous. You could see the tops of the mountains, it was beautiful. The next day most of the group were due to climb snowdon, but obviously being 9 weeks pregnant it would of been a stupid idea, I was almost jealous I couldn't go (although obviously pleased at the reason), until I got up in the morning and saw the change in weather. It was grim, really grim. This picture doesn't really convey what the weather was like as it was actually much worse up the mountains, plus by the time it was taken it had improved, but you get the idea
I really didn't envy them now! They cam back soak through to the skin even in full waterproofs. They ached, dripped and hobbled. I think a good time was had, but oh they were wet. Very very wet.

We had a great weekend though, and although I missed Noah it was fine, he was absolutely fine and happy with his Daddy. I got some much needed sleep, and actually it has helped improve his sleep a lot. I may not be quite ready to do it again just yet, but I'm really glad I did.