Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rain rain Migraine and rain

Things I am grateful for this week

  • The rain that makes my garden grow. Today I have eaten strawberries, broadbeans, purple mangetout and peas from my garden. There are blackcurrants and redcurrants ready to pick, and courgettes that won't be long.

  • The abundant rain that means we have water on tap, to drink, to wash our clothes, to bath and shower.
  • The rain that my boys love splashing in. I read something recently on a blog about how rain doesn't stop a child playing out or going to the park, it just stops adults taking them. This is so true and although I do sometimes take them out in the rain there are days I can't be bothered, which is odd given that some days there is nothing I love more then a walk in the rain. Anyway my boys seem happy in the rain. They love splashing in puddles and running around the garden half naked in the rain.
  • NHS direct. I have had what everyone keeps telling me must be a migraine this week. I have never had a migraine, and I rarely even have headaches. So to be stuck to the sofa with my eyes shut and a pounding head and eyes has been horrendous, throw in a temperature that was all over the place and I was getting a bit concerned. So to be able to ring a medical helpline who took my details then instantly put me through to a nurse who took loads of details and put me through to an out of hours doctor was all quite reassuring. All from my own sofa, it beat having to move anywhere, it's a great service.
  • My husband that has been working at home all week so he can look after me and the boys. I don't think I mention him that often but he is an absolute star.
Having said all that I am most grateful for the fact I am now much better and the sun is shining. It may be short lived but at least the rain has stopped for now.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pictures from my week