Friday, 28 May 2010

8+4 scan

Now I know that to everyone else this probably just looks like a blob, but here is my tiny gorgeous little baby!!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Weekend away

Courtesy of the people at Tesco we have just had a nice relaxing weekend away. We stayed not too far from Cambridge and had a day in the city, and a day at a local English Heritage property
followed by a catch up lunch with some friends that live that way. The sun shone, the sky was blue, the journey was mostly clear, had a lovely time seeing people and all in all it was a very enjoyable weekend.

Noah had his first introduction to a peacock and it really was that close! They appeared fascinted by each other, it kept coming over to very close by, having a look at each other, then wandering off for a few minutes before coming back to look again. I must say they can be very noisy creatures when they want to be, but when Noah found his voice to shout back he wasn't exactly quiet either!

So thank you to clubcard points!

Oh and as a throw away picture to finish, I have never seen a duck like this before!

Breathe a big sigh of relief

Yesterday I finally had me early scan. It should have been at 6 weeks, but ended up at eight, but the most important part is that everything is absolutely fine. I am so so very blessed. To have a double uterus can mean so many problems, but we have been really blessed, firstly with my son, and secondly with one tiny little baby, growing exactly as he or she should be doing.

I will try and get a scan picture up in the next few days, but the difference between a 6 week scan and an 8 week scan is incredible! Even at just 8 and a half weeks you can see such a clear little person, heart, head, body and the beginning of little legs.

I am so grateful to my midwife who sorted my scan out for me, she is fab. The doctor had been faffing and doing nothing for 3 weeks, the midwife, got on the phone while I was there and managed to get me sorted for the next day if I had wanted, although we waited until monday as we went away for the weekend. Hurrah for lovely midwives. Not such a hurrah for the student midwife who attempted to take my blood and left me with a dead arm for the next couple of days, but I know they all have to learn.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

We have walking!!!

11 months tomorrow and today we had our first unaided steps! I'm so proud of my little man, he is really growing up!

As for everything else I am just over 7 weeks now, not heard back about my early scan yet, it is taking a long time, but gave them a gentle reminder on friday. Hopefully it will come through soon, I would like that little bit of reasurrance now.