Thursday, 29 April 2010


I don't mind feeding you several times during the night. I don't mind that you never get even vaguely close to sleeping through. I know you are 10 months old but it you want milk every couple of hours through the night I have let you and very rarely complained, I'm happy to do it. But will you please please give up with these recently discovered epic screaming fits at stupid o clock that tend to go on for far too long just because you want to use me as a dummy. Rarrrr!!!!

Made all the more fun because then you spend half the day shouting at me because your tired, and I'm to shattered to put up with it.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

30th December

It seems a long time away until December, but all being well we will have the best Christmas yet.

In the mean time my brain hasn't started over thinking too much yet, just taking it a day at a time, but it doesn't seem entirely real yet that I'm actually pregnant. I think it is very different this time, partly because it happened straight away, but mainly because we already have Noah. Having Noah means I know that this whole double womb thing sometimes works out fine. Not everyone has incompetent cervixes, or preterm birth, sometimes, for some people, it is just fine. And hopefully that will be the case again.

I am still letting it sink in I think. Which is possibly partly why I haven't rung the doctors yet to arrange an early scan, I should do that now.

In the mean time place your bets now, left uterus or right? I'm thinking right, which would give it three out of three.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

This week I have been mainly




And it turns out I was right..



I was ovulating.


And guess the good news?!



Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A little Yay me!

I have recently finished donating milk to the milkbank. DS still feeds lots overnight, but not at all during the day so it was becoming more difficult. Yesterday I got a letter from them in the post to say thank you, and to tell me I had donated 10,670ml in total!! (and that is excluding the ebm I have given to a friend and to my sil!) Hopefully that will have helped a lot of little babies.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Springtime, slingtime and a cameraphone

With the arrival of my sling and the sunshine I may have to start getting my camera out again.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Brushes and hooks

This weekend I took my first step in learning to crochet. At this point it would be good if I had something to s\how you as a sign of my progress, but all I have is a few little scraps with working out different stitches and how to increase etc. Ah well, it is all part of resuming my crafty mojo. I did a crochet workshop at this place and I must say that some of the yarns she stocks are gorgeous.

I have also restarted with painting. It is something I havent done for quite a long time, but slowly I'm starting up with again. I must say though that the one problem with learning the crochet, all the gardening I've been doing, and restarting the painting is that the knitting has gone to pot. Doh! Anyway here is a picture I have done for DS's wall, and just a bit of a doodle that is currently adding colour to the walls of the stairway. DS's picture is of Louie and although it isn't quite finished I'm really pleased

And to finish off this post...

Friday, 9 April 2010


I think that possibly, just maybe, I may be ovulating...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The hippy in me

I'm probably what you'd call a bit of a hippy mummy. I do breastfeeding, real nappies, mainly (but not entirely) baby led weaning, I grow my own veg, mainly buy organic etc etc. So today to add to my hippy/lentilist/natural ways I got my very own woven wrap. I am not new to babywearing, I have worn DS in a Moby wrap since he was born, but this is the first time I have ventured into back wraps and my very first attempt with a woven wrap rather then a strechy wrap. I must say although I need practice it wasn't as hard as I thought and I'm really really pleased.

It's an Ellaroo La rae and it's great!