Thursday, 3 June 2010

Vbac thoughts

Now I know I'm only ten weeks in so thinking quite a way ahead here but I have been thinking quite a lot about what is going to happen with giving birth this time. Noah was an emergency section after I wasn't dilating and his heart rate kept dropping. In all though it was a positive experience and I wouldn't change what happened as we were both safe and well.

That brings me to this time though. I have been doing quite a bit of googling on vbac with a didelphyic/bicornuate uterus and from what I can find statistically it doesn't look amazing. However I think that actually the info I have managed to find is a bit skewed. A lot of the data is from america where the doctors are more likely to push for a second c section if you aren't textbook perfect. Plus if you have a mullerian anomally you are more likely to be breech, which makes you most likely to have a c section, again increasing the statistics for repeat C sections.

I wouldn't be unhappy with a repeat section really, but I think I would at least rather try for a natural birth if that is a possibility. But then maybe the reason I didn't dilate is because of my second cervix and the fact that they are wonky rather then side by side?? Who knows? Maybe I'm over thinking this, especially this early, but being pre warned and prepared is always better surely?

I think the one thing I'm definite I don't want is to be induced, so if I go too far over I'd opt for a section rather then letting things go to far waiting for a natural start. Beyond that I don't really know.

I have another scan on Monday so will wait and see if anything is mentioned then, but for now I'll keep googling. If anyone else happens to fall across this blog looking for similar information one of the most useful links I found was this one I did have to sift through a lot of info by a lot of people who know very little about their own condition while looking though. I find it terrible that people are so uniformed! One link I found was one stating that there was only 3 women in the world with a completely duplicated reproductive set??! Another saying that if you have a double womb then a c section is the only option??! Some of these are supposedly informative sites too, not just forums or blogs. I think I may not be a world expert, but I couldn't be happy knowing so little about my own condition! I would have probably been a lot more ignorant of a lot of the facts before the internet.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything. :)

The mid-wives I am seeing told me that nothing is abnormal right now, and my uterus has grown normally with the baby.

DrSpouse said...

It amazes me as well, when people are saying "we have to have X treatment and the clinic say it will definitely work" when I've also looked things up or been told them by reputable doctors, and they don't work but are just expensive!

I was even told by a health practitioner that IVF would be a good option for recurrent miscarriers as they could "pick the good embryos" when actually you are more likely to have a miscarriage with IVF...

K77 said...

I have a bit of info on VBAC with UU (not UD but close), I can find it and email it to you if you'd like.

I want a HBAC if I have another baby.

Bernardeena said...

It is sad really the things people are told and just accept, it can just cause more heartbreak in the longrun.

That VBAC info would be great, the more reading the better even if the problem isn't identical, like you say very very similar. I think my DH would freak at the idea of a HBAC, but I don't think it is for me anyway. I have friends who have had really good home births, but I think I'd be happier at the hospital .Plus it would mean we would have to tidy the house....