Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Fathers day

Now I know I'm late with this so bear with me. To be honest i hadn't even realised it was fathers day until I saw a friends status update about being up all night with their 2 week old baby, the getting up early with the 3 other children to make her husband a cooked breakfast. I was thinking she was mad, then it hit me there may be a reason for the madness. Fathers day. Ahh yes, now I remember. She is obviously a much more devoted and sentimental wife then me.

Either way, we don't really do mothers day, fathers day or valentines day, we never have. But this year Fathers day nearly had me in tears, maybe it is the hormones, but not entirely.

I have always thought the whole pc crowd in schools etc saying you shouldn't make fathers day cards incase it upsets those whose Dad isn't on the scene was a bit ott.

As I saw the children bring out the cards at church that they had made on sunday morning it nearly made me cry. Leaving aside those adults who may not be able to have children for whatever reason, who I have often thought about, what about the children themselves? 2 little sisters who are in foster care and although they have some contact with their mum I don't think their is any with the Dad. A nearly teenage girl also in foster family, and a young family whose Dad died a few years ago. I could of cried for them. Maybe sometimes a card to a special person isn't such a pc thing. It must break those childrens heart, especially the ones whose Dad has died.

Just another thing that reminds me how very very blessed and fortunate we are.