Saturday, 28 April 2012

Craft fairy

A forum I am part of does something known as craft fairy. It is like a secret Santa of crafting and is fabulous. I can't post what I have been busily crafting, but I was very very excited when the postman arrived today.

What exciting presents, I love my fairy so much!

If you see this, thank you so much!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Stereotypical English post.

What is this weather! It has been blowing an absolute gale, wheely bins flying, snow coming thick and fast. Last wednesday it was gorgeous and sunny, blue sky, shorts hats and suncream weather. What a difference a week makes! Last Wednesday we were at Chatsworth farm and adventure playground with a picnic, today I think we might just huddle inside with some hot chocolate. BBrrrrr

Sunday, 1 April 2012


When I was 14 we had to do a presentation at school about one of our heroes. There were talks about music stars, sporting legends, historical figures, but I spoke about my Grandad. He has been all over the world since he retired, building houses for the homeless in Romania, helping in an house for the blind in Bethlehem, building work in Brazil and Zambia, as well as trips to Russia, Australia, America, Turkey, China, India, Malta........The list goes on. Some for pleasure and visiting family, a lot on missions and aid work.
This picture is at the top of a mountain in Romania nearly 10 years ago. We both went with my Dad on one of the trips he organises. It is one of my best memories of my time with him spending 10 days together doing lots of practical work. I sat with my Grandad on the plane, me having never flown, him the seasoned veteran.
Here he is on the same trip, with his trusty walking stick Moses, sat at the bottom of the clock tower steps in Sighisoara

This last picture is him at my brothers wedding. He wasn't often dressed up this smart. He is not often seen in a suit, but was one of those people who would often still wear a tie even with scruffs.

One of the ways I will always remember my grandad is sat on the bench in his back garden, just infront of his green house and veg patch, with a cup of tea in a mug with a Labrador on, watching the children play on the grass. This is how he always was when we were children, this is how he was when I was there last week with my children.

I'm going to miss him a huge amount. I haven't seen him as much recently as I'd have liked, but I'm so glad we went last week and spent the time together. He was due to be 81 this week, he was at home until the end, and one day I believe I will see him again. Goodbye Grandad. I love you xx


I'm going to miss him.