Friday, 20 February 2009

When the google-er is the google-ee

I know I said a couple of weeks ago at how shocked I was at being one of the top results for bicornuate bicollis uterus. However when I was starting to think about giving birth and how having two cervixes may affect that I didn't really consider that I would still be on the top page of results, after all I have never given birth. I think my search for knowledge is reaching a bit of a stumbling block.

My wondering is what will actually happen when I come to give birth? That is presuming I give birth naturally, which isn't a given anyway with the low lying placenta and the increased risk of breech, but anyway back to my musings. So if I do go into labour what actually happens? Will both uterii contract? I'm presuming only the cervix attached to the uterus containing baby will actually dilate? I can't see why the other one would but I have heard people say dilation is caused by hormones? Surely it is partially caused by the contractions pushing baby down? I think it is time to head back to the mullerian anomalies yahoo group and ask the experts.

I really do think I think about things too much. The main thing is that he gets here safe and well.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Black and white

I am becoming increasingly aware that these blog posts are a bit all over the place and include a bit too much of everything and not that much of anything. However I'm not convinced I would keep up if I separated them out into things fertility relatedand things crafty related. So they can all stay together as one big blog of my life.

Anyway after my increasing laxness in the past couple of months photo challenges I decided to get my bum in gear and take some photos. This months theme is the simple task of black and white, so here are my efforts so far. Unfortunately the duskyness of them doesn't really work in black and white so back to the drawing board I think. I was however most pleased when someone said they could really see me in the photos I take and I definitely have my own style. I know that isn't to everyones taste, but I'm glad people think my pictures reflect me.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

There is an elephant in the room

Excuse the blurry phone shot but this is my bump. The elephant is that there are still quite a lot of people I haven't told I'm pregnant. I don't always know how to tell people, I don't always really want to, but it isn't really something I can hide any longer is it?! It is one of those elephants that small children have started commenting on, but most adults seem too polite to mention. I had a 10 year old poking my tummy and asking on sunday, and a group of 4 year old giggling girls telling each other that I'm going to have a baby today, but the grown ups pretend everything is normal. I guess there are still a few people I really should tell...

The lack of information

I always thought the internet was a mine of information, which it is, it's great to be able to just type into a search engine whatever it is you want to find out about and up pops lots of information. However that isn't always the case. A search for maternity gothwear for one brings you next to no useful results. So what about when that supposed mine of information turns out to be me???!!

I had noticed a few of you had found your way here by typing bicornuate bicollis into google, so I thought I'd have a look myself. 5th, not 5th page, but 5th result that is where I found myself! How can it be that this one very little blog can be one of the top results in a world of 6 and a half billion people! Is there really so little information out there about this? Yes there is loads of information out there about bicornuate uterii, but that doesn't really quite cover the half of it for some of us. A bicornuate uterus can have any degree of indentation, from slight to severe, it really doesn't cover the whole bicollis part of it of having 2 cervixes. I just think it is shocking that I'm so high up this list!! For those of you who do find your way here though I hope you find some information from my ramblings and also check out the link to the blog list I have, erm which seems to have disappeared somewhere, I'll make sure that goes back up. It is stirrup queen anyway and she has a huge lists of blogs covering allsorts of pregnancy, parenting, gynae, adoption, ivf type stuff, including a list of blogs from people with uterine anomalies.

Anyway as I draw to the end of another waffle without much direction I shall finish with these 2 things I found on my web search of the day. Firstly this.If you are a bit squeamish you may not want to look, but I found the pictures really interesting. I did note though that they say t

To our knowledge, such uterine anomaly has only been sporadically reported as revealed by our survey on bicornis bicollis uterus in the literature for the last over nine decades
Hmm, I think I may change my facebook status to 'is a sporadic anomaly'
Secondly was a comment here saying that actually bicornuate bicollis actualy has a much better pregnancy success rate then just a standard bicornuate. So there is some good news for you bicollis people out there!