Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Funky wipes

How gorgeous are these? Even for those who aren't a hippy at heart I would definitely recommend washable wipes. They clean so much better then disposables, and long term they save you a lot of money too. I've just invested in some new wipes, aren't they funky? They are a fleece/terry wipe from a wahm called ruby red designs based here in the uk. See another great reason to use washable wipes, supporting little businesses rather then help Tesco in their bid for world domination. The big kid was very excited by them, the one problem I can see occuring is requests for specific wipes every time I wipe a bum "but I wanted a  pink wipe Mummy, not a stripey wipe"

I don't think (or at least I hope) we will be in need of nappies for much longer as the little one is showing great signs of being ready to potty train properly, but wipes will always be needed when there are children in the house.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


As of yesterday I am now officially on the allotment waiting list! It may be a long wait, but I'm rather excited either way! Hopefully one will become available by the time little guy starts school, although when I spoke to them it sounded like the list wasn't half as long as I expected. Possibly as trying to ring was fruitless, you have to be very determined to actually manage to get hold of someone, but once I did they were really helpful so now it is just time to wait.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Baby knits

I am very excited about the fact I am going to be an Aunty again very soon. This is my first attempt at booties, this is the simplest pattern ever, and they don't look too bad
The picture doesn't actually do them justice, but they are very tiny and cute. The hat is one I have done a couple of times but is really simple too. They are both knitted in a bamboo cotton as my sil is allergic to wool so hopefully these will still be nice and snuggly.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Sleep, please?!

Parenting isn't a competiton, but when a friend complain yesterday about her children waking her up every 2 hours the night before my first thought was 'you got 2 hours unbroken sleep? You lucky thing!' I didn't say that as I know how incredibly unhelpful that would have been, but it is how I felt. Last night I only saw 4am once, I think I saw every other hour several times.

It has been a hard couple of weeks, sickness bugs for me and the little one, horrid colds and chesty coughs, and suspected ear infections again. Plus I think we have more molars coming through so it all makes for very unsettled sleep. They never sleep through but it isn't normally quite so horrendous! Then DH was away for a couple of days in Prague, how I wished I was there, it is a beautiful city and one I love.

But then I realise how fortunate and blessed I am. My boys are generally very healthy and have never had any serious health worries. They may wake me up in the night but I am so blessed to have them and be their mother. DH may have been away having lots of lovely food on expenses, but he is never gone for more then 5 days max, and he is here to support us. He may not be perfect, but he is definitely one of the good guys.

And parenting really isn't a competition. We all have our own trials and issues, but we should all be here to support each other through them, not out do them.

One thing I have been grateful for is the sunshine. It may be cold but when I feel grumpy there are few things better then getting out for a walk. Where we live there are so many beautiful places to walk just a stones throw away. A friend has just shown me a new and beautiful place to walk, then today I took my SIL's dog on my favourite walk from childhood.

Sometimes I just need to step back and breath and remember that although I will never be a perfect parent, that isn't the task. The task is for my children to grow up happy, safe, secure, challenged, stretched, supported and most importantly knowing they are loved, and that is something I am trying my best to do.

Friday, 9 November 2012


I must admit that autumn is not my favourite time of year. The promise of summer is gone, winter isn't here yet, it is colder, wetter, darker. I dislike halloween, there are no bank holidays, and far too many colds.

Saying that Autumn can also be beautiful. I love the colours of the leaves, the fireworks and bonfires

I also love the chance for more wooly knits, lots of ear warmers and wrist warmers. I have just knitted this scarf for a friends birthday last weekend and I think it is perfectly autumnal. A guilty knitters secret, it is also the first thing I have ever blocked! Probably not blocked well, but blocked never the less.

It is a shame the pictures don't show the colours well, but it was dark and the flash always washes the colours out. I've also knitted ds1 a scarf this week, and the first of my big Christmas knits is nearly cast off. The second big knit is making good progress and I just need to get on with lots of little knits and a baby knit for my new nephew due in December.

I'm still stuck on presents this year, I haven't got time to craft as many as I would like but I'm not wanting to be overwhelmed by buying stuff either. It is hard to balance out with not want Christmas to be all consumerism.

Anyway, roll on winter, snow, Christmas, family time, decorations, my new nephew. I'm looking forward to it all ready!