Saturday, 15 February 2014

So I'm here

So I'm here again, and this time it hasn't been too long. I have had not much brain power for my long term knitting projects, but crochet seems to be the thing of the moment. Quick basic things I can do whilst watching the winter Olympics. I love the Olympics, but it is a little disheartening watching the figure skating and seeing an astounding 15 year old and realising I am twice her age. I always wanted to be an ice dancer when I was a little girl.

Anyway back to the crochet. First a very quick shawl. I was off to a charity ball in aid of Mummy's star, a fabulous charity that supports people who are diagnosed with cancer during or shortly after pregnancy. I was a last minute replacement for someone who couldn't make it, so I found an outfit out from the back of the wardrobe but given it is February I needed something to cover my shoulders. This is yarn I have had for a long time, lined up for something else, but the tealy green perfectly matched the colour of my corset and so it was meant to be. A very quick one day project that now makes a lovely triangular scarf for every day.

Then there is my latest project. I decided my crochet needed to branch out a little, so I taught myself crocodile stitch, which I love, but is an absolute yarn eater! The yarn is King Cole Country Tweed and it is just perfect for this.
And the other thing that has currently had a bit of my time has been my long term blanket project. This is just cheap Hayfield and Wilkos acrylic, but one day this will cover my bed.
I think I just need things to keep myself busy with the weather having been so very wet and windy. Fortunately we have not had any floods or damage where I live, but the weather has been wild. I have been busy with odd bits of diy and trying to get on top of all the housework too but I just need that bit of me time. I miss those crisp cold bright winter mornings, we have had so very few of them. However at least we got out today in a break in the rain and the boys got to cycle off some of their energy.
Anyway, until next time, let's just hope for a little sun!