Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A new crafty lease of life.

My littlest man is now 11months and is walking across the room, climbing the stairs and saying several words all quite competently. He is no longer a tiny baby. He is also now sleeping in his cot in the evening which gives me free time to craft that I haven't had for ages. I'm glad we never tried to force the sleep issue as it has been much easier leaving it to his time. He still comes in bed when he wakes for feeds, but it is nice to start to get my evenings back rather then always having a sleeping baby on my knee until I go to bed.

Anyway my crafty progress. There is so little I can actually show you with Christmas presents and secret santa, but here are a couple of bits.

6 months ago I started learning to play the cello, which is something I love, so that has become the focus of my first painting in a couple of years. I haven't got past the sketch stage, but here is my inspiration and idea.

I have also been working o my long term knitting project. The back is done and I have nearly done both front sides, I just need to do the sleeves and then the making up, the bit I never like.
So that leaves me with mad crafting for Christmas. I will try and take pictures for after they are sent. It is so lovely to be able to do more knitting again.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The most beautiful place

We have just had a lovely week in one of my favourite places. Who would believe you could paddle in the sea in North Yorkshire in November?

Not forgetting the fact that North Yorkshire is also the home to lots of my biggest boys favourite things, steam trains! I think it is in the genes as father son and grandfather all adore steam engines.