Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Plums, Plums, Damsons, Apples and Plums

Firstly following on from my last blog the holiday was great. The weather did improve and camping was a definite success. One we were hoping to repeat next month but it looks like hubby will have to be away with work. Next summer will definitely involve lots of camping though

However on to these

Hundreds of the things. So many I have broken the tree, I should have thinned more, a lot more. Plus we have loads of damsons, cooking apples and blackberries. So far I have made lots of jams and puddings, including this damson pudding which was lovely. Then we have made Damson gin, plum vodka, and Damson chutney, fruit compote for on pancakes and ice cream and donation to friends, family and neighbours.

If you have any yummy recipes please let me know. The plums won't last much longer and we have loads of damsons and apples left too. It is this time of year that I love my garden!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The best way to start your holiday

Generally holidays are not best started by putting up your new tent for the first time in a thunderstorm with torential rain and hail. Hopefully the weather will improve from here!