Thursday, 27 September 2012


He sees you, He's near you
He knows your face
He knows your pain
He sees you, and He loves you
He knows your name
He knows your name

For my lovely friend, and for anyone else who is hurting.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

More adventures with dying, and now yarn!

 I started with some 100% wool, this is from the west yorkshire spinners, bought from my local yarn shop. I soaked it in a vinegar and water mix.

 Spread on clingfilm then painted using food colouring. I used the technique in this blog
 My second skein of yarn I tried a different technique. I put the yarn in with the water and vinegar, but didn't fully mix the colour so that there would be some varigation.
 When the water was clear the dye is fully absorbed.

 So dryed, and then balled.

I originally thought the first technique didn't work as well as the second as although the blue took the red and black hadn't fully fixed. However I have since found this and realised that the problem may have been with the actual dye itself rather then the technique. The blue/yellow/green has taken perfectly though.

So it was fun, just to knit them up now, although I haven't decided what into yet. Then I need to decided whether to buy some different food dyes, try with koolaid, or whether to brave buying some acid dye.

Monday, 10 September 2012


There is no jam so  nice as homemade damson jam. However after 2 bumper years the tree barely fruited this year. The same with my plum and cooking apple tree. It has been a good year for my strawberries and currants and blue and blackberries, but the weather has been all wrong for the fruit trees.

So this year we are having autumn jam instead of damson. I picked this little lot the other day and the jam it made wasn't bad at all.

We used 1.2kg of fruit, 800g of sugar, and a good slug of red grape juice. The red grape juice has plenty of natural sugar so you need less then usual granulated sugar, making it that tiny bit better and it adds a lovely flavour, while still setting perfectly.

That made me 4 jars worth, to go with the remaining 2 jars of mixed summer fruit jam. Delicious with real butter and homemade bread!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The C word

You know the one, the one you shouldn't mention in summer. Well it is now September, so with 107 days to go I will very quietly  whisper Christmas.

I have just treated us to this

It is the most gorgeous advent calendar but the price reflects that unfortunately. I have loved it for years though and I have never been fortunate enough to get one in sale.So with a discount code and a bit of money from selling a sling I have bought one and I can't wait for december to open the little drawers every day with the boys.

I have bought my first couple of presents, just a couple of books, but my aim is to try and craft a lot more this year. I am partway through hubbies first jumper and I think lots of little knitted accessories may be in order. Last year I made some fudge and chocolate marzipans for a secret santa but I think he was fairly unimpressed which makes me hesitate before going down that route again. He is an incredibly difficult person to get anything for though, and I had been unfortunate to get him 2 years in a row. I don't sew, but I can bake. So if you have any crafty Christmas ideas let me know!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

2 weeks in the French countryside

It wasn't quiet, fighter planes testing overhead, combine harvesters starting at 10pm, Owls fighting, the inlaws, 2 small boys...
However it was beautiful, and great to have lots of days together, time at the beach, and good food. I think the husband has gone back to work for a rest though. And look, I even found a knitting shop!


 And look, new toys!