Thursday, 4 September 2014

Discovering local treasures

 Today I went for a walk with a few friends, to a place I haven't been before. Who knew this little beauty spot was hiding away less then a mile away from our house. I did however learn that wimberrys are not the best fruit to forage if you want more then a handful. It is so long since I last went picking wimberries I forgot what a labour of love they are. We had a lovely time though, and the boys happily had their fill of blackberries on our walk.

Monday, 25 August 2014

A couple of finishes

I have recently returned to a few old guilty projects that needed finishing, as well as starting a few new bit. I decided there was a few things that I really liked that were just sat 2/3rds from a time when I lost my crafty swing. Big things that I actually really wanted to finish, so first finish is the hoody for my husband. We had a bit of an issue with this regarding dye lots, but I managed to find a match, and here it is.

Another old project I have been working on is a grey cabled jumper for me, hopefully I will have a picture I can put up within the month. Just a sleeve and a half, and the sewing up to do.
As for new projects I did a lovely little cardigan for my new niece.  Modelled here by the lovely big ted.

 It was a lovely quick little cardigan to do, and it used less then 50grams for the 0-6 month size.
I also have started a new rainbow dress for my older niece, I had to change the pattern as it only goes up to age 2 and she is 5, but hopefully it should work out ok. I'm not looking forward to sewing in those ends though!

Anyway it has been a busy summer, quite a bit of it in the tent. We have found some lovely little places to visit and fun things to do. I may do a summer holiday post soon with pictures full of bubbles, adventure playgrounds, beaches and all the places we have visited, but for now it is time to go.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

A reflective moment of thankfulness

It doesn't often come up in casual conversation that you have a complete bicornuate uterus (or a double uterus), but oddly enough it did. I was talking to a lady I know at knitting group, and it turns out she is a retired midwife, so we were having a really interesting conversation about birth, feeding, training and support etc. Then it came out that we both had a double uterus, and when I compared my family and story to hers it made me so grateful all over again. I have 2 boys that were born full term and healthy, and only the one miscarriage. I know I am high risk, for early labour, miscarriages and pregnancy problems. She said herself how very fortunate I am, and sometimes it is good to be reminded of that.

Parenting is sometimes really really hard, but I am so thankful for my 2 precious boys.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Growing up

The first school year has flown so fast. Lightning has finished his reception year and will be starting year one in September. He has had lovely teachers this year, and I love how relaxed and playbased it has been, whilst at the same time he has learned such a lot. He has learned to read, to write, he has learned to cheerlead, and he has even been to the national schools cheerleading championship! He has become much more chatty, less shy and he has some lovely friends

Anyway that brings us to end of year presents. I wanted to make some bits for both his teachers, and this is what we made. He helped pick the fruit and make the jam, he weighed the ingredients for the fudge and stirred it as it cooled, he helped with the sewing and he painted them a card each.

It is going to be a big step to year one for him, but actually I'm feeling quite happy that he will be up to it. He is growing up so fast.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Attempt no.1

Attempting your first sewing project with a headach, an overtired 5 year old 'helping' and a rather grumpy and loud 3 year old is not to be advised. However I had promised Lightning we could have a go after school as he is hugely excited by the whole thing, so here it is, my first attempt.

The stitching is wonky, I had no concentration, I did lots of things in the wrong order, and I haven't pressed it, but it is an actual working bag! So I'm proud, but I will do the next project on a day my brain works!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A small patch of beauty

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A quick start and finish

I have never crocheted an actual garment before, but I have a new niece on the way so here is my first attempt.

I'm just hoping it fits as the dress seem so small and my sister in laws bump is so big. I think it may be a dolly dress very quickly! Its a very simple pattern but I am pleased with how it turned out.

Friday, 13 June 2014

The guilty crafter

I'm one of those crafters who is forever starting new projects when I should be finishing others. So what is the last thing this crafter needs to do? I'll give you a clue.

A bit vague, or have you got it yet? Shall I show you?

A sewing machine! Someone I know is moving to Germany, and can't take everything with her, so I will be picking my new (significantly older then me) sewing maching on saturday! And of course I had to do a bit of spending to go with it.

Exciting, watch this space!

Monday, 2 June 2014

The gifts of giving

There are few things lovelier then when you make something for someone and they are completely over the moon with it.

Yesterday I presented a little boy with a blanket for his 6th birthday. His reaction was so lovely, he would not be seperated from it and was full of grins and snuggles under it. Unfortunately I don't have any proper pictures of it as I finished sewing in all the ends while the boys were actually at the party! But the important thing is it was done in time to give him when they finished playing. So here is a picture the night before when the ends weren't all done, and a bit of a blurred picture of him with it.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

In the jungle

Two posts in as many days, that makes a change!  The past few weeks I have been trying to do more in the garden, it is a tiny little jungle but that is how I like it, although a few less weed would be a bit better. A new patio would be nice too, one without grass between the flags, and space for a greenhouse, but I am very grateful for the garden I have and all that it produces. It looks like I will have a good crop of fruit again this year, no late frosts meant the blossom did well and we should have masses of plums, damsons, currants, and hopefully loads of strawberries and raspberries too.

Unfortunately my gooseberries have had one more the their last chance.  One of the bushes was dug up last year and the other is definitely going this year, maybe I need to try again but in a pot somewhere a bit more open, I think this was partly bad placing on my part.
I am also starting to branch out into flowers a bit more this past couple of years, so here are some of the current splashes of colour.

And as always the main thorn in my garden is the local cats, broken courgette plant today, dug up violas on sunday, and always replaced with poo. One day I will find a deterrent that really works! Until then I shall rant about them and the time and money they cost me.

Overall though I'm feeling really happy with my garden at the moment, and to make it better I have found a garden centre that sells the nicest banoffee pie I have ever tasted. So rambly post over, but that is just a taste of my rambly garden.

Monday, 26 May 2014

A day in the English countryside

Today we went for a day out to the Derbyshire dales and the tiny village of Ilam, which I think is just over the border in Staffordshire . We went to the Dovedale fete which is one of those quaint little village fairs with cake sales, skittles,  owls, face painting, a fell run, and a maypole, which we missed. Throw in a beer tent, a man with a guitar, a tombola, an ice cream van and a tea room and I'm sure you get the idea.

The main reason we headed over though was because I had read that one of my favourite artists,  Ann Marie Bone, was going to be there and selling some of her pieces at a very good price. So here is what we bought. The boys chose a small one each and I was just so taken with the big one we kind of splashed out.
We had a lovely day, we wandered around the church yard as well, hopefully next time we will have time to have a proper walk through the countryside too.

Thursday, 22 May 2014


If you don't want wallowing or self pity I suggest this isn't the post for you. I just need to get my thoughts out somewhere.

 Yesterday was my birthday, as an adult that doesn't really mean much unless it is a big one, and I must say I'm not one for massive dos even when it is a big birthday. However it had me thinking a lot, not about age or getting older, but about friends and people who were. I struggle a lot with friendships, I have been ditched so often. I'm not talking about the ones where things naturally drift, or your paths take different courses, that is just life. I'm talking about the ones who just stop returning your texts or emails, the ones who are suddenly never free, the ones where you have to do all the leg work. I actually prefered the one guy when we were 18 who had the guts to tell me he didn't want to be in touch any more. At least you know where you stand and can move on rather then just wondering what you did wrong and why I'm such a crappy person that people like to ditch.

I am struggling with feeling inadequate, in so many different areas of my life. I have some lovely friends, and a great bunch of old school friends, but there are some old friendships I'm still struggling over. The people I miss no longer exist, they have moved on and are very different people from the ones I knew most likely, just as I am a different person, so why does it still hurt so much sometimes? I think when I'm feeling stretched in other areas of my life a lot of old feelings rear their ugly head about me just being this dull but dependable person who isn't actually good enough but will always be there for you in a crisis.

I want to be enough, as a friend, a wife, a mother, a daughter. Yet this morning I sobbed in my 4 year olds arms as I can't let go infront of anyone else for the fear of being let down again. He does give the best cuddles, even when he's pushed me to the edge with sleep fight and refusal and shouted poo in my face one too many times for me to actually keep calm. I may not always be the best mummy, sometimes, especially with the elder, it is extremely hard work, but I'm so so glad I have them.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Crafty updates

I finally have a picture of my finished crocodile shawl, it is lovely and snuggly. This picture doesn't really show it's beauty but I am really pleased with it.

This week I have started a blanket for a friends little boy, the husband calls it the blockbusters blanket. I'm making this in women's institute premium acrylic and I think it may be my new favourite cheap acrylic. It is much less squeeky then the hayfield bonus, and I go it 3 for 2 at hobby craft so this will be a bargain project.

And I have just finished a little dress for rainbow. I decided to do this in the two colours rather then one like the pattern and I think it has worked well.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Sneaky peak

Friday, 21 March 2014

Not for me.

I heard back about the job yesterday, I didn't get it. It was for a breastfeeding support worker post, apparently 40 people applied and they only interviewed 7 of us. In good news though one of my friends did get it and she will be fantastic. I will be a member of the volunteer group though.

So what now? Just potter on as I did before I guess. I don't know where I am headed but we will just wait and see. I thought it was worth a try but oh well. I felt fine about it yesterday, today i feel a bit more upset. I think I am just in one of those stages of life where I feel like I am doing not enough and I'm struggling a bit.

Monday, 17 March 2014


I had an interview today. It is only for a part time job, 10-3 four days of the week, but this would be a big big change for me. I don't hear back until Thursday, so for now it is just waiting.

I wasn't intending to apply for a job just yet, but this was for a part time job I would love to do with great hours. I think it went ok, I feel happy, but I know there is stiff competition, and I know I fumbled a bit at times.

So wait wait wait.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

So I'm here

So I'm here again, and this time it hasn't been too long. I have had not much brain power for my long term knitting projects, but crochet seems to be the thing of the moment. Quick basic things I can do whilst watching the winter Olympics. I love the Olympics, but it is a little disheartening watching the figure skating and seeing an astounding 15 year old and realising I am twice her age. I always wanted to be an ice dancer when I was a little girl.

Anyway back to the crochet. First a very quick shawl. I was off to a charity ball in aid of Mummy's star, a fabulous charity that supports people who are diagnosed with cancer during or shortly after pregnancy. I was a last minute replacement for someone who couldn't make it, so I found an outfit out from the back of the wardrobe but given it is February I needed something to cover my shoulders. This is yarn I have had for a long time, lined up for something else, but the tealy green perfectly matched the colour of my corset and so it was meant to be. A very quick one day project that now makes a lovely triangular scarf for every day.

Then there is my latest project. I decided my crochet needed to branch out a little, so I taught myself crocodile stitch, which I love, but is an absolute yarn eater! The yarn is King Cole Country Tweed and it is just perfect for this.
And the other thing that has currently had a bit of my time has been my long term blanket project. This is just cheap Hayfield and Wilkos acrylic, but one day this will cover my bed.
I think I just need things to keep myself busy with the weather having been so very wet and windy. Fortunately we have not had any floods or damage where I live, but the weather has been wild. I have been busy with odd bits of diy and trying to get on top of all the housework too but I just need that bit of me time. I miss those crisp cold bright winter mornings, we have had so very few of them. However at least we got out today in a break in the rain and the boys got to cycle off some of their energy.
Anyway, until next time, let's just hope for a little sun!

Friday, 24 January 2014

It's been a while

I hadn't decided what to do with this blog, if anything, so it has sat here neglected for quite some while.

At the moment I feel like posting, so we will see what happens.

This morning was spent on a bit of a wander after the boys had been dropped at school. Happy feet has just started preschool so it gives me a couple of hours free every morning. I mean to spend them productively, so far they have mainly been spent in coffee shops and bed, but I have good intentions. This morning though I just went for a short walk while the weather was dry.

A bit of reflection time, and a bit of peace.I love being able to retreat to the reservoirs just behind our house.
One of the things I mean to do now that I have a bit of free time is to finish off some of my knitting projects. I think I have a few too many things on the go and lined up and I want to get on top of it all. So this week was spent finishing off a hoody for Lightning. This is a very guilty project as I knitted all the pieces over a year ago, I just hadn't put them together as I had made a slight mistake on the hood. However hood rectified and sewing up done and I actually really like this.
Another recent finish has been this little cardigan. I made this a couple of weeks ago for a baby girl I will call Rainbow. She is a friends foster baby and I have completely fallen in love. There is just something about her that really melts my heart in a way, I think I need to make sure I don't fall too far in love, she is a beautiful little girl. Anyway, so here is a cardigan for Rainbow. I'm sure it will only for for 5 minutes as they grow so fast, but I thought it was very cute.
And finally for now as it is school pick up time, here is a part of a secret Santa gift I got this year. I actually know it originally came from one of my readers Arwen, but I know she wasn't my Santa, just the source. It was a yarn dying kit with Kool aid. I love it, even if it isn't the most expertly dyed. I have found a pattern so hopefull will start knitting it up soon. Just need to finish one more thing off first.
So that's all for now. But I may be back soon with a little bit more.