Monday, 28 June 2010

Patience patience patience

I dislike waiting in for parcels, I dislike being on hold and I dislike waiting for people to phone me back. I'm sure most people feel similar. Unfortunately I seem to have spent a lot of time on hold this past week, and I've been waiting all day for people to ring me back.

I hadn't put anything about this yet as I wasn't sure with it being an ongoing police matter, but anyway last sunday my car got hit by another car. The drivers were uninsured, and it turned out the car wasn't theirs, they'd 'borrowed' it while the parents were out.

Anyway we were all fine, none of us were injured, the doctor checked me over and said they think baby is fine too. The car was badly damaged but we all didn't even have a bruise. I won't go into details like I say with it being an ongoing thing, but if it had been a second later the outcome could have been very different.

I felt so protected through the whole thing. Not only were we all uninjured, but by the time we had got out the car there was already a policeman on scene who just happened to be driving past. He took care of everything for us.

Since then I seem to have spent a long time on hold though. Today I am waiting for a call about a courtesy car, a call from the insurance and a call from the police about a court case today. The insurance company and the police have been very good, I'm just bored of waiting by the phone today. Whinge over but it's sunny, we're grumpy, and I want to go out!