Wednesday, 30 April 2008

So much for April's challenge, onwards to May!

Well unfortunately my stereotypically English strawberries came joint last in the little photo competition. However there were some great pictures and it has inspired me to get my camera out more and keep going. Practice makes perfect and all that. Infact I was inspired enough to make the most of the good weather and go to Lyme park yesterday to try and take some photos, however unfortunately it started raining not long after I got there so put paid to that idea. So onwards and upwards, just got to wait and see what May's challenge will be.

As for my other crafty and arty adventures nothing to report. I don't normally finish the projects I start, whoops, but i'm nearly finished with a painting of this guy.

Well the best way to be inspired is to paint something that interests you! Painting will be posted when done, it's not perfect but looking ok.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

First blog

Well one of my Spring time resolutions is to use my camera more, I love taking photos as you can see from my Whitby photo, unfortunately they aren't all that good. So from now on I intend to try taking pictures at least 3 times a week and try and do more crafty stuff rather then spending all my time playing on facebook.

So here is week one, the first for a competition entitled stereotypically english, the second was from the garden at work, and the third from my fantastic weekend in Whitby