Thursday, 27 November 2008

Art exhibition photos

Here are a few as we were setting up, and one of the little cafe area too that we had running when the exhibition was open. Not the greatest detail, but you get the general idea anyway. Please note though remind me not to do this again in the first trimester of pregnancy when I have a rotten cold to go with it. I was absolutely shattered, but was a really good day.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


So had my scan yesterday, and it was so amazing to see our little one dancing about on the screen! There was a trainee scanning first and she had me really worried when she started. She just sat there for ages, not saying a word, and looking concerned at the screen. In the end I asked her if everything was ok as I was really starting to feel like something was wrong for her to be silent for so long. Turns out she was just struggling getting measurements as baby was curled up in ball, but she could of said something sooner!

Then the proper sonographer took over and showed us our little one, who was now dancing all over the place. It was so amazing to see! So was 10+5 yesterday by their measurements, giving me the exact due date I had worked on anyway of the 17th June. Still a long way to go, but over a quarter of the way there now!!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Exhibition - done!

Just a very quick update. Had the art exhibition yesterday and it went really well. I had hope that a few more people that I know would have a come, but it was still really good and quite a few friends came which was really nice, including some relatives who came quite a way. Raised quite a bit of money which is great and it was just a lovely atmosphere.

I'll post some pictures as soon as I get them on the computer, and hopefully I'll have another picture to post too as tomorrow afternoon is my scan!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Right paintings as promised

Right firstly my ongoing toadstool. I feel like I have reached a block with this. It looks to flat, I'm not hugely happy with it, but I'm not entirely sure what to do with it. Most probably will not go in exhibition as I feel not up to scratch.

Just started this one, not much to see at the moment, but will be a red flower when finished

Thirdly and different again is this. Will be the background for some vaguely geometric abstractish piece, not sure what, but will have a play later.

As for midwifes appointment on friday that went fine. She couldn't give me an actual date though for my scan as they have changed the system so she could no longer do it online. I should get a letter through in the next couple of days anyway letting me know about my scan. She also said the people on my road were keeping her busy at the moment! I know a couple have recently had babies, one she let slip was pregnant last time I was pregnant, but I wonder if there are any more I don't know about? I don't really know any of the neighbours anyway, just being nosey really.

As for life i general we went to a wedding in London this weekend. It was a lovely weekend, stayed with a really generous friend down that way, and was good to catch up with a few people too. Have come back absolutely shattered and fighting a horrid cold, but aside from that all good. Now must get painting!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Back again

I know I have been quiet the past couple of weeks or so, but all is well here. We had a week in Northumberland which was lovely, and beyond that I just seem to be sleeping, a LOT! Which I guess is a good thing, aside from the fact I need to sort out for this art exhibition which is just over a week away, but instead all I seem to be doing is sleeping. I really need to get my bum in gear and do some more!

As for the photo competitions I came 3rd last month with my toadstool which I'm really pleased about. My painting of said toadstool is nearlly finished too so shall have to post some more pictures of that. This months theme is simply colour. People have posted some good pictures so far, but I don't really seem to have the motivation. Hopefully will start to get some energy back soon.

Anyway off to see the midwife this morning and hopefully make an appointment for my scan. I shall update later, hopefully with some pictures of my art too.