Thursday, 4 September 2014

Discovering local treasures

 Today I went for a walk with a few friends, to a place I haven't been before. Who knew this little beauty spot was hiding away less then a mile away from our house. I did however learn that wimberrys are not the best fruit to forage if you want more then a handful. It is so long since I last went picking wimberries I forgot what a labour of love they are. We had a lovely time though, and the boys happily had their fill of blackberries on our walk.

Monday, 25 August 2014

A couple of finishes

I have recently returned to a few old guilty projects that needed finishing, as well as starting a few new bit. I decided there was a few things that I really liked that were just sat 2/3rds from a time when I lost my crafty swing. Big things that I actually really wanted to finish, so first finish is the hoody for my husband. We had a bit of an issue with this regarding dye lots, but I managed to find a match, and here it is.

Another old project I have been working on is a grey cabled jumper for me, hopefully I will have a picture I can put up within the month. Just a sleeve and a half, and the sewing up to do.
As for new projects I did a lovely little cardigan for my new niece.  Modelled here by the lovely big ted.

 It was a lovely quick little cardigan to do, and it used less then 50grams for the 0-6 month size.
I also have started a new rainbow dress for my older niece, I had to change the pattern as it only goes up to age 2 and she is 5, but hopefully it should work out ok. I'm not looking forward to sewing in those ends though!

Anyway it has been a busy summer, quite a bit of it in the tent. We have found some lovely little places to visit and fun things to do. I may do a summer holiday post soon with pictures full of bubbles, adventure playgrounds, beaches and all the places we have visited, but for now it is time to go.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

A reflective moment of thankfulness

It doesn't often come up in casual conversation that you have a complete bicornuate uterus (or a double uterus), but oddly enough it did. I was talking to a lady I know at knitting group, and it turns out she is a retired midwife, so we were having a really interesting conversation about birth, feeding, training and support etc. Then it came out that we both had a double uterus, and when I compared my family and story to hers it made me so grateful all over again. I have 2 boys that were born full term and healthy, and only the one miscarriage. I know I am high risk, for early labour, miscarriages and pregnancy problems. She said herself how very fortunate I am, and sometimes it is good to be reminded of that.

Parenting is sometimes really really hard, but I am so thankful for my 2 precious boys.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Growing up

The first school year has flown so fast. Lightning has finished his reception year and will be starting year one in September. He has had lovely teachers this year, and I love how relaxed and playbased it has been, whilst at the same time he has learned such a lot. He has learned to read, to write, he has learned to cheerlead, and he has even been to the national schools cheerleading championship! He has become much more chatty, less shy and he has some lovely friends

Anyway that brings us to end of year presents. I wanted to make some bits for both his teachers, and this is what we made. He helped pick the fruit and make the jam, he weighed the ingredients for the fudge and stirred it as it cooled, he helped with the sewing and he painted them a card each.

It is going to be a big step to year one for him, but actually I'm feeling quite happy that he will be up to it. He is growing up so fast.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Attempt no.1

Attempting your first sewing project with a headach, an overtired 5 year old 'helping' and a rather grumpy and loud 3 year old is not to be advised. However I had promised Lightning we could have a go after school as he is hugely excited by the whole thing, so here it is, my first attempt.

The stitching is wonky, I had no concentration, I did lots of things in the wrong order, and I haven't pressed it, but it is an actual working bag! So I'm proud, but I will do the next project on a day my brain works!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A small patch of beauty

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A quick start and finish

I have never crocheted an actual garment before, but I have a new niece on the way so here is my first attempt.

I'm just hoping it fits as the dress seem so small and my sister in laws bump is so big. I think it may be a dolly dress very quickly! Its a very simple pattern but I am pleased with how it turned out.