Monday, 28 June 2010

Patience patience patience

I dislike waiting in for parcels, I dislike being on hold and I dislike waiting for people to phone me back. I'm sure most people feel similar. Unfortunately I seem to have spent a lot of time on hold this past week, and I've been waiting all day for people to ring me back.

I hadn't put anything about this yet as I wasn't sure with it being an ongoing police matter, but anyway last sunday my car got hit by another car. The drivers were uninsured, and it turned out the car wasn't theirs, they'd 'borrowed' it while the parents were out.

Anyway we were all fine, none of us were injured, the doctor checked me over and said they think baby is fine too. The car was badly damaged but we all didn't even have a bruise. I won't go into details like I say with it being an ongoing thing, but if it had been a second later the outcome could have been very different.

I felt so protected through the whole thing. Not only were we all uninjured, but by the time we had got out the car there was already a policeman on scene who just happened to be driving past. He took care of everything for us.

Since then I seem to have spent a long time on hold though. Today I am waiting for a call about a courtesy car, a call from the insurance and a call from the police about a court case today. The insurance company and the police have been very good, I'm just bored of waiting by the phone today. Whinge over but it's sunny, we're grumpy, and I want to go out!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Fathers day

Now I know I'm late with this so bear with me. To be honest i hadn't even realised it was fathers day until I saw a friends status update about being up all night with their 2 week old baby, the getting up early with the 3 other children to make her husband a cooked breakfast. I was thinking she was mad, then it hit me there may be a reason for the madness. Fathers day. Ahh yes, now I remember. She is obviously a much more devoted and sentimental wife then me.

Either way, we don't really do mothers day, fathers day or valentines day, we never have. But this year Fathers day nearly had me in tears, maybe it is the hormones, but not entirely.

I have always thought the whole pc crowd in schools etc saying you shouldn't make fathers day cards incase it upsets those whose Dad isn't on the scene was a bit ott.

As I saw the children bring out the cards at church that they had made on sunday morning it nearly made me cry. Leaving aside those adults who may not be able to have children for whatever reason, who I have often thought about, what about the children themselves? 2 little sisters who are in foster care and although they have some contact with their mum I don't think their is any with the Dad. A nearly teenage girl also in foster family, and a young family whose Dad died a few years ago. I could of cried for them. Maybe sometimes a card to a special person isn't such a pc thing. It must break those childrens heart, especially the ones whose Dad has died.

Just another thing that reminds me how very very blessed and fortunate we are.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Where is my little baby?

He appears to have been replaced by a one year old!! (well a year and 2 days now)

Noah can now walk all the way across the room unaided, he can brush his own teeth, all 8 of them. He loves musical instruments and enjoys playing the glockenspiel or my Dad's guitar. He asks for the telly when he wants it by pointing the remote at the tv and shouting, he loves reading books, even my cook books. He still doesn't really like wearing clothes and prefers to be naked, I appear to have a naturist, and he loves being outdoors. We nearly have sleeping through! Ok it is probably one night in 4 he will make it through to 6 am, but even so it is a vast improvement, and most nights he makes it until about 4 before walking for some milk even if not all the way through. He is still a huge flirt and I fear I will have to watch him with the ladies as he gets bigger, he is all smiles and tilts of the head for a pretty girl. And feeding himself is still ermm.... messy

Noah's party isn't until saturday, so praying for sunshine, but what a difference a year makes!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

So after yesterdays scan I now have a official due date of 28th December. We had a good chat about vbac and they so far seem happy for me to give it a go as long as my scar from last time seems ok. The only thing they were slightly concerned about was the relatively small gap between the two. I know people who have had much smaller gaps who have gone on to have a vbac so not too concerned. I get to meet with the doctor at 36 weeks for a final decision anyway so plenty of time. Here he or she is anyway, and a right little wriggler!

They also seems to be taking a lot more note of my uterus shape this time which is good. All in all a good appointment, they gave me some leaflets about vbac and told me to prepare any questions I might have for at my 20 week scan.

And not to forget Noah here is a picture of him swimming. He loves swimming and goes nearly every week, however it is a shame I can't post the picture of my niece as that truely is fantastic. I don't think I'm ready to share this blog with my family though!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Vbac thoughts

Now I know I'm only ten weeks in so thinking quite a way ahead here but I have been thinking quite a lot about what is going to happen with giving birth this time. Noah was an emergency section after I wasn't dilating and his heart rate kept dropping. In all though it was a positive experience and I wouldn't change what happened as we were both safe and well.

That brings me to this time though. I have been doing quite a bit of googling on vbac with a didelphyic/bicornuate uterus and from what I can find statistically it doesn't look amazing. However I think that actually the info I have managed to find is a bit skewed. A lot of the data is from america where the doctors are more likely to push for a second c section if you aren't textbook perfect. Plus if you have a mullerian anomally you are more likely to be breech, which makes you most likely to have a c section, again increasing the statistics for repeat C sections.

I wouldn't be unhappy with a repeat section really, but I think I would at least rather try for a natural birth if that is a possibility. But then maybe the reason I didn't dilate is because of my second cervix and the fact that they are wonky rather then side by side?? Who knows? Maybe I'm over thinking this, especially this early, but being pre warned and prepared is always better surely?

I think the one thing I'm definite I don't want is to be induced, so if I go too far over I'd opt for a section rather then letting things go to far waiting for a natural start. Beyond that I don't really know.

I have another scan on Monday so will wait and see if anything is mentioned then, but for now I'll keep googling. If anyone else happens to fall across this blog looking for similar information one of the most useful links I found was this one I did have to sift through a lot of info by a lot of people who know very little about their own condition while looking though. I find it terrible that people are so uniformed! One link I found was one stating that there was only 3 women in the world with a completely duplicated reproductive set??! Another saying that if you have a double womb then a c section is the only option??! Some of these are supposedly informative sites too, not just forums or blogs. I think I may not be a world expert, but I couldn't be happy knowing so little about my own condition! I would have probably been a lot more ignorant of a lot of the facts before the internet.

Big weekend away

This weekend was my first time seperate from Noah overnight, and it was very nearly a non starter. Having ummed and arghed for ages I had decided to go away for the weekend to a hen weekend I'd been invited to, and leave Noah with Hubby for the weekend. I was going to be gone lunch time friday and not back until mid afternoon sunday, which was a BIG deal for me as I have never been seperate from him for more then a few hours. Fine, I settled all this in my mind, until Thursday night. When Noah slept, really well compared to what he had been doing, but then he woke up, and he was covered in sick. So I brought him into our bed, and soon I was covered in sick and our bed was too. I have never seen anyone soo pleased about being sick, he looked so pleased with himself! I think mainly as it meant he got to take his clothes off and come in our bed for cuddles with us both.

I very very nearly didn't go, leaving him was hard enough, but when he was sick too? However he seemd fine in himself, I knew hubby was capable and it would do them both good to spend time together, plus the hen would have been really disappointed if I hadn't gone. So bags packed and off I went to Snowdon in Wales.

We got there and the weather was gorgeous. You could see the tops of the mountains, it was beautiful. The next day most of the group were due to climb snowdon, but obviously being 9 weeks pregnant it would of been a stupid idea, I was almost jealous I couldn't go (although obviously pleased at the reason), until I got up in the morning and saw the change in weather. It was grim, really grim. This picture doesn't really convey what the weather was like as it was actually much worse up the mountains, plus by the time it was taken it had improved, but you get the idea
I really didn't envy them now! They cam back soak through to the skin even in full waterproofs. They ached, dripped and hobbled. I think a good time was had, but oh they were wet. Very very wet.

We had a great weekend though, and although I missed Noah it was fine, he was absolutely fine and happy with his Daddy. I got some much needed sleep, and actually it has helped improve his sleep a lot. I may not be quite ready to do it again just yet, but I'm really glad I did.