Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The result

Not teal, I went too heavy on the green, but I love it!!

More dyeing adventures

 I have a new wrap. A gorgeous Kokadi Diorite stars. I bought them to dye and I have decided on a deep teal. However I can't find a machine dye that is right so I am experimenting with colour mixing.

Wish me luck! It is rinsing now!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Simple pleasures

Things are very hectic here at the moment but we are enjoying loads of simple things that bring a bit of happiness.

Helping muck out a friends horse and sweeping the yard. We have gone from a fear of horses to an absolute love of horses in a very short space of time. It doesn't even have to be riding, he even loves the shovelling poo, you can't get more down to earth then that!

Not the best picture but picking and eating strawberries in the garden. It is the little man currant favourite food. We get a handful everyday, and they are mostly in his hands. He will turn down jelly and Ice cream in favour of strawberries.

Throwing stones in puddles. Something so simple can keep small boys occupied for hours!
And something that keeps me happy, selective weeding! I haven't got time to keep all the garden free of weeds, but by selectively weeding I get simple pretty colours like this, I get wild stawberries, I get brambles for making jam and pie. Not all weeds are the enemy!

Then there are the things without pictures, a paddling pool, a few days of sunshine, a picnic in the park, a gift of pretty yarn.

And a very large pleasure should be coming soon. I have 2 very near knitting finishes! Erm and about 4 large projects lined up!