Wednesday, 29 May 2013


It has been quite a long time since I have posted as I seem to have lost my crafty swing. My knitting and crochet energy must have run off with my painting ability that disappeared a long time ago. I'm slowing starting to pick the needles up again though so hopefully I will have some updates soon.

To temp me back to knitting and crochet though look what I have got!

Last week was my 30th birthday and these lovely presents were from my husband and best friend. I spent my birthday week in Whitby which is one of my favourite places in the world and somewhere I love to visit. I'm not a big party kind of person, but a week on the North Yorkshire coast seemed like the perfect place to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately both boys had a sickness bug while we were there but it was still a lovely break and good to get some family time. While we were there my husband treated me to a lovely jet ring for my birthday, it matches a necklace I already have and is beautiful. I love whitby jet stones.
Whitby is a beautiful place, and one thing that there is plenty of is steam trains, which equalled 3 very pleased boys, 1 big, 2 little, and I must admit I do rather like steam trains myself. We even got to go in the cab of the train pictured which the boys were very excited about.

We also had a trip down to Scarborough and the sealife centre. Fortunately we had a buy one get one free and the boys are young enough to be free as it can otherwise be a very expensive day, however the boys loved it, they just couldn't stand still and were constantly running on to the next thing. They especially loved the stingrays and sharks, and I loved the jellyfish. We didn't really spend anytime outside looking at the seals,otters and penguins and things as the weather was so very grim, or I'm sure they would have been a big hit too. All in all a good day though

The one thing that never really happened was a beach trip. The tide was always in at mid day, and the boys don't like it on the beach when the waves are crashing even if they are a little way out. I'm sure there will be plenty more trip to Whitby in future though for beach trips.