Monday, 5 July 2010

Food for thought

It's getting to that time of year when my little garden is bursting with fruit and veg. A lot of it isn't yet ripe, but this week we have been eating courgettes, Pak Choi and salad from my garden. It's good to know though that by gardening with Noah not only am I providing him with perfectly fresh chemical free food, but also it does hishappiness and development good Ok so the article is about gardening in schools, but surely no matter where you are, encouraging children to get outside in the fresh air, see where their food comes from, play in the dirt and grow their own, can only be a positive thing.

Anyway here are a few obligatory pictures

Some French beans, Mangetout, Kale and Cabbage, as well as a few herbs and strawberries just at the edge.

Pak Choi just before eating


Cooking apples for apple pie

White currants of which we are going to have millions

and Damsons for jam

We also have loads of other bits and bobs, it is surprising quite how much much you can fit in pots and small spaces. We should also soon have tomatoes and carrots and alsorts. You get a lot of reward for a small amount of work.