Thursday, 28 October 2010

Creativity and bargains

I'll start with the bargains. I was pointed in the direction of this website this week, so today I managed to stock up on some bargain Christmas things. Now there is a lot of tat too, but there are some really good bits for very little money. I got so so much stuff for just £11, I'm sure I got stuff to at least 4 times that value. I thought I'd post as I love a bargain and hopefully it will help someone else out too.

I seem to have had a fairly creative week, cakes and knitting a plenty- well plentyish. This trying to get spend a bit of time doing things I enjoy seems to be going well actually.

On Sunday we went to a Christening and I had been asked to do a cake. Now I am no great expert, and actually Hubby did the baking, but it didn't turn out too badly.

Then inspired by the lovely Hugh Fernley Whittingstall and an abundance of pears I made a pear and almond cake. It was so lovely and moist and very tasty with a big dollop of cream.

As for my knitting I seem to be getting on with this little v neck for my niece and these wrist warmers for my sister in law.

We even managed to get out with the sling for a short walk around the reservoir. I'm so blessed to have somewhere so beautiful just 5 minutes walk from my front door

So all in all it has been a lovely week so far. We went to the park today and ended up with soggy feet and covered in mud but very happy, but not got the pictures on the computer so that will have to wait. And to make the week lovelier I got an unexpected present yesterday.The picture doesn't show it off well but it is a gorgous vase that was bought for me as a little thank you.

Anyway time to turn this off and get the knitting out.


cowboyboot lady said...

The cake looks great! And gorgeous vase. So glad to be back...I am looking forward to catching up on your blog. Glad you are well!

Bernardeena said...

Good to have you back to the blogging world too :-)