Monday, 18 October 2010

Wasting time.

More to the point, other people wasting my time. Or to be exact some Registrar doctor completely wasting my time by talking crap. I should have gone to knitting instead, it would have been more useful then my hospital appointment.

The fault is partly my own. When I got there the midwife said the consultant was very busy and I would have a long wait to see him, would his registrar be ok instead? I should have said no, I should have just hung about and waited. Instead I said it was fine as long as I got to speak to someone who could answer my questions. I didn't get that. Instead I got a big load of drivel and made up rubbish. I just wish that when people had no idea they would say so rather then make things up based on their limited knowledge and guesswork.

At one point she was trying to insist that I only had one opening to my uterus and the other part was a rudimentary horn. She seemed unable to believe other despite me telling her, until I told her that I had actually seen two entrances to two separate cavaties with my own eyes when I had a hysteroscopy. However she hadn't seen my Gynae notes, no-one ever has. Apparently Gynae and maternity are two completely separate departments and no one thinks to pass useful and relevant information between the two. So she said she'd check, she said she'd talk to the consultant about it, she said she would find out by my next appointment.

I tell you this much, I hope not to see her at my next appointment. However I may print out some information so that if I do see her she can at least educate herself.

Head, wall, bang! Repeat.

Only one thing helped rectify the whole situation


Hazel said...

Awwww yep, all sounds very familiar. You just decide what you want and then tell them. It is much easier and saves a lot of wasted time. Enjoy your cake! I popped over to knitting with Elijah. Lasted about 2 mins. x

Bernardeena said...

The cake was yummy! Sorry knitting couldn't work out for you, I dread to think what Noah would be like if I took him. Hopefully the wednesday one at the methodist will be ok.

cowboyboot lady said...

Sorry you didn't get your questions answered. How frustrating! But that cupcake looks amazing!