Thursday, 11 November 2010

Medical records.

After my meeting with the incredibly patronising yet completely wrong doctor I sent off for a copy of part of my medical records. So now I can not only tell her she is wrong, but show her that no matter how insistent she is, she is still wrong.

Anyway they arrived yesterday, it makes interesting reading, although there is very little in it I didn't know aside from the fact that I had Measles when I was 3. The really interesting thing though is the doctor who all my investigations were done under is none other then the consultant she is under. Yet still she seems incapable of actually reading any of my history, claiming it was all under a different department. We will see if she has read any by the next meeting, if I have the misfortune of seeing her again, but what a silly silly lying little woman.

I should be off making some scones now really, I'm off to a sling meet this morning and promised to bring something cakey, so I shall disappear for now, but I just needed to let that little rant out.


DrSpouse said...

How incredibly irritating!