Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Me time

I went to the first of a new daytime knitting group yesterday and I have to say it was lovely. No distraction of housework that needs doing, no noise of DH on the playstation in the background, N off having fun with the grandparents and me not too tired to concentrate.

I nearly finished my version of this, that I started but never finished when I was pregnant with N. I don't have it with me to show you right now, but it is in this yarn, and made without the picot edging.
Hopefully I'll have the finished thing to show you very soon, just need to do the border.

The only disadvantage of the group was that I ended up buying more yarn! It is lovely stuff hand dyed by a lovely lady called Carol I'm intending to make this with it, one for N and one for my niece.

So all in all I've got lots to keep me busy, especially if I want to finish it by Christmas.


Hazel said...

Where was it?? Where was it??

Bernardeena said...

At Skeins. I asked on Ravelry if anyone knew of any daytime knitting groups in the area and she said she'd start one. So monday afternoons is knitting day.

Hazel said...

I didnt even know she opened on mondays!!! I'd never make it with Elijah.

womb for improvement said...

I love the colour of that wool. Much more striking than the normal pastel tones of new borns clothes.