Thursday, 14 October 2010

Pregnancy update

I realise that with all the bits of knitting updates I haven't actually done a pregnancy update for quite a while.

Pregnancy is generally going really well, this little one is quite the wriggler and kicker compared to N who was always much more of a stretcher. I don't seem to be putting on anywhere near as much weight this time, and I shall have to post an updated bump picture soon

I am now 29+5(I think by the time I actually finished this post!) and it seems not too far away any more. The weather is getting colder and it doesn't seem like that long any more until Christmas and our baby will be here. I don't think we have too much to sort out and organise, but I'm sure there is still more to do then I remember. Baby clothes have all been washed while the weather has been nice, started sorting out a hospital bag, first size nappies have been dug out and a large proportion of the Christmas shopping has now been done.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the consultant to discuss VBAC and my dodgy innards. I asked the midwife a few questions last week and she promptly said she just didn't really know enough to be able to help me. She said in her experience a lot of people with a bicornuate uterus do end up with C sections, but that wasn't a reason not to give it a go. I do love people who admit they don't know much, rather then just trying to make things up or fob you off. Anyway she phoned the consultant and he said for me to go in and talk to him about it. So that will be my afternoon tomorrow. I've typed out what I want to ask so my brain doesn't go blank on me, and I'll try and update soon with what he says.