Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Scan no.5

After my 20 week scan I was referred for a further scan at 32-34 weeks due to a low lying placenta, so yesterday at 34+5 I went for said scan. Having had an unscheduled scan inbetween but at a different hospital, I had been told things were ok with my placenta, so off I went, thinking it would be a nice simple straightforward scan and that would be it, signed off from the hospital to the midwife until I give birth. No chance.

Turned up for my scan, actually had the scan as soon as I got there which was great given the big queues, told her about previous bleed and scan in York then started on the scan. Everything is fine with the little man, and they confirmed again that it is a little boy we are having, which is good given the amount of blue clothing in our house! However when it came to seeing the bottom of my placenta and cervix it was just not happening. He is so far head down that they just couldn't see anything. They even had me lying sort of upside down on the bed, with my hips and legs significantly higher then my head (which was such an easy and comfortable position to be in!) to see if they could shift him slightly, but he just didn't want to play. The result of this was that they could see the placenta is still slightly under his head, but how far away from the cervix they just couldn't tell. Then had a nice long wait to see the midwife and doctor, and have been refered back for an internal scan next monday morning with a specialist scanner, followed by an appointment in the afternoon with the consultant if needed.

So all in all not quite what I was expecting, however the positives are that he is doing well, seems perfectly happy in there, and I got a really good look at his face and at him again. Final countdown now whatever the outcome of the placenta issues!