Friday, 22 May 2009


That is the grand age I reached yesterday. However before I start wittering on about my birthday I shall do a quick pregnancy update.

All went well at the scan on monday, the scanner managed to get me in one of the most uncomfortable positions and then hold the probe myself while she did something else, however the placenta has moved enough out of the way and all is well which is the main thing. So all being well I should now not have to have a c section. He is head down and all is how it should be, and at just over 36 weeks he still seems fine for space. I have now started the intake of raspberry leaf tea, and it doesn't taste too bad, I was expecting it to be foul but fortunately not. I did say I would try and get a picture of how wonky my bump can look, but this little one likes hiding when I try, so here is a picture of a just slightly wonky bump, plus a general bump shot of me yesterday at 36+1

As for my birthday I had a really lovely day. My hubby took the day off work and we went out shopping during the day which was great, finally managed to get a forest green nail varnish which I have been after for ages, and a skirt in the same colour. Hub bought me a jewellery box and a pair of sandals
as pressies, as well as the trap door dvd he had given me in the morning. I had forgotten just how good that programme really was!

Then in the evening we went out for a meal to a little local restaurant, so all in all it was a really lovely day.

Oh and I almost to forgot to add and introduce, but here is Geoff the Giraffe My hub came home from the supermarket with him the other day as he said he just couldn't resist. I think someone is getting quite excited!


Susan K said...

What a coincidence! I turned 26 yesterday too. Glad everything's going well with your wonky bump. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

I used to look the same from above, very wonky. I still do at 9 months PP!

cowboyboot said...

First of all...Happy Birthday!

Secondly, I just went back and read your entire blog from beginning to end! Question: what is the difference between bicornuate bicollis and uterus didelphys? I was told that I have uterus didelphys: two totally separate uterus and two separate cervix (side by side), and one vaginal canal. This sounds exactly like you...except your cervix are in front of the other rather than side by side.

I, like you, turned to the blogosphere to learn more about other women with uterine anomolies and more about uterus didelphys in general. I wanted to prepare myself by learning as much as I possibly could ahead of time. My blog is at

Looking forward to your next post! Oh, and I love your photography. You are very talented!

Anonymous said...

That looks just like mine did! Funnily enough, now he's gone and it's all floppy and fat (groan)it's the OTHER side that protrudes further, ie not the bulgy side. Wierd.