Monday, 25 May 2009

The difference between a uterus bicornis bicollis and a uterus didelphys

Cowboyboot recently asked me what the differnce is between a bicornuate bicollis uterus and a uterus didelphys, so I thought I'd dedicate a blog post to trying to explain.

I shall try and put a couple of links on as I am not a medical expert, but there can be variations in both I think, and sometimes some medical people seem to consider the bicornuate bicollis as a varient of a uterus didelphy, while other seem to just consider it a variation of a bicornuate unicollis (which I sort of disagree with)

I guess I should try and start with the basics for those just starting on this trip. These irregular uterus shapes occur when you yourself are in utero, when the body is developing at something like 6 weeks I believe. The uterus is made from two seperate parts which normally fuse together to make one normal uterus, however for whatever reason this sometimes doesn't happen and only partial fusion or no fusion takes part, resulting in several different types of dodgy uterus, or mullerian anomalies as they should actually be know. It's just one of those things some people are born with. I'll put this picture in again just as I find it a really clear picture of the different types

If you have recently been told you have some form of mullerian anomally, whether a bicornuate, unicornuate, septate, didelphic, or any other form of dogy uterus the first two places I'll send you to check out are this blog and this yahoo group. They should give you lots of info about the differences and pushing for a correct diagnosis, there are loads of links on there and lots of answers to FAQ too.

Right the difference between uterus bicornis bicollis and a uterus didelphys, which is what I was getting at in a very round about way. They both have two seperate uterus and two cervix. I think first and easiest way to show the difference is with these pictures taken from here

The main difference is that UD is more independant and unattached then the BBU. Although both have two separate uterine cavaties, the walls of the BBU are still slightly joined together, but not just by a thin septate but rather by a thick uterus wall. In a UD these are completely separate, the two uterus cavaties are not partially joined. Another difference, although not a defining one as it can occur in both, is that a duplicated vagina is much more likely in a UD.

I'll throw in another link here for a bit about the differences, and then I will leave it there for now. Hopefully that has been useful to someone out there!


cowboyboot said...

Thank you for that clarification! And for directing me to those links. It was really great "meeting" you on your blog!

Now I think I understand the difference in the two. I was told that I have uterus didelphys after a vaginal ultrasound. I am not sure exactly how reliable that method of diagnosis is. I am thinking of getting a second opinion from another doctor before I try to conceive.

Bernardeena said...

Glad it was of some use. I was origionally told I have a double uterus after an ultrasound, but it was the MRI which actually clarified things. I know a lot of people recommend having a joint laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, so they can see the inside and outside of the uterus at the same time, but I only had the hysteroscopy and they seem fairly sure with that, the MRI and the ultrasound as to what it definitely was with me. Sounds like you are definitely doing the right thing by getting thouroughly checked out before ttc.

Anyway welcome to the blogging world! It's always good to find another double uterus in the blogging world so thanks for saying hello!

Melissa said...

Thanks for this post. I have been told I have a septum dividing my uterus, but have never been given much detail about which of these may apply to me. I am contemplating having children but my cycles and hormones have been haywire lately and this info is very helpful as I go to a new gyno for the first time tomorrow.

Bernardeena said...

Bit late replying to you melissa but I hope your Dr's appointment went ok. If it is a septum you have then they can normally be easily removed with very simple surgery. Definitely worth getting it fully checked out before trying for kids, avoid as much unnecessary heartache as possible.

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Rachel Toal said...

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Unknown said...

Hi there! I was diagnosed with bicornis bicollis about a month ago after my mri. I had an mry because I wanted to look deeper into my diagnosis of a bicornuate uterus. What are the possibilities of me conceiving in your opinion. Are there other tests that can be done? I had a specialist in Florida tell me he believes i really have a septate and im just so confused.

Yazmin Chavez said...

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