Monday, 4 May 2009

Photos and dreams

Have just been having a little look through some old blogs, and realised at one point my aim was to try and take a picture at least three times a week. I think that long went out of the window! However it may be improving again as I have bought a little point and shoot so at least I don't have to lug my big camera around with me everywhere I go on the off chance of something to photo. There is always that very irritating feeling when you go somewhere, see something fantastic to photo, and then realise you haven't got a camera with you as it is actually bigger then your handbag.

Took it out for a try yesterday, I'm not really up for going out my way or walking very far, but stopped off in the car and took just a couple and it seems like an alright camera. Obviously when I went to go out taking photos or when I'm off to weddings I'll take my good camera, but I do like this idea of something more portable.

Anyway here are a couple of snaps I took. This months theme is spring sunshine (not that we have any of that today, it being a typical british bank holiday monday) so here you go. This isn't the best bluebells picture I've taken, took a few last week(unfortunately a bit early for this months theme) on my big camera, but you get the idea. The lamp post is very spring time in Narnia to me.

As for last months architecture theme I came third with my picture of York Minster. Well sort of third but not really,as a trio of people came joint second with one vote each more then mine so technically I came 5th. However I am pleased with that, I liked the picture and was really pleased with my result too.

As for my comments on dreams they shall have to wait for now. I think I have just spent too long messing about on deviantart so I best actually go and do something useful now!