Tuesday, 30 September 2008

How to gain facebook friends

Now I can't claim that everyone I know on facebook is an actual close friend, by no stretch of the imagination. There are people I was good friends with when I was ten, but haven't seen since, there are people who I met doing a weeks worth of voluntary work, there are vague aquaintances from school, there are internet friends, some of whom I have met once or twice, some of whom I've never met, friends of friends who I only occasionally see. However this latest friend request just takes the biscuit.

Yesterday someone asked to be my friend, I looked at the name, no clue, so I look at the picture, sometimes people have changed their name and I haven't realised until I see their face, but nope, don't recognise them, not helped by the fact it is an unclear picture. So then I do what we all do next, look up mutual friends, maybe I think she is an internet friend and I just can't place the name with a username, however no mutual friends. Getting stumped I think well I obviously don't know this person and reject the friendship request. You'd think that would be it it?

This morning I turn the computer on and there she is again, requesting me as a friend. Again. How odd I think. However this time she has left a note telling me where we met. You think that maybe being so persistent I'd made a dreadful error and forgotten someone really important, but no. Turns out I said Hello and shook her hand at a funeral. No great conversation passed, no getting to know each other, it was literally just a hello.

Now maybe I'm just old fashioned, and I know we all like to have lots of friends, but to me using a funeral to pick up facebook friends just seems a little bizzare to say the least. Oh well they do say there is nothing so odd as people!


Lorna said...

Lol that's a bit desperate isn't it?

DrSpouse said...

I have about 4 outstanding friend requests I'm ignoring - 1 is someone from school who I don't remember and 3 are internet people who I've not met in person - I usually only put people up if I want to keep in touch, or if they are internet people either I've met them, or have communicated a lot.

There is one really annoying internet person who friended me twice after I ignored her - she is someone Mr Spouse used to think was following him round when we were first going out as she hadn't got the message we were dating. I've put her on ignore...

(PM me if you want to add me, BTW - I won't be offended if you don't).