Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Bicornuate bicollis Uterus

For those of you who don't know what a bicornuate bicollis uterus is I thought I'd post a picture. Mine is a bit more wonky then that, as the cervixes aren't side by side, one is infront of the other, but this is the general idea

As a general bit of information and a comparison here is a picture of most of the different mullerian anomalies and a comparison with the normal. It isn't the clearest picture but shows roughly the differences between them.

If you are reading this as you think you may have some sort of dodgy uterus, all I can say is make sure you push for a proper diagnosis, and check out this blog for a lot more information. Been talking to an internet friend this week and she is being messed about so much by doctors who don't really know what they are on about, or seemingly even the difference between bicornuate and a septate and the effect that it has on miscarriage rates. Makes me angry really, if a doctor doesn't really know something, why can they not admit that and refer you on to someone who does? Why try and bluff your way through? I'm very fortunate to have been seen by lovely gynaes but I have read online so many times about incompetent Drs bluffing people off, who then go on to have further and probably preventable miscarriages as they actually have an easily removable septate, not a bicornuate. Anyway rant over, I'm just glad my doctors took things seriously and really investigated what was going on before sending us off to ttc again.

So there you go, some education for the day. Hopefully you'll never need to know that, but it may be easier with pictures then me trying to explain what is actually going on in my insides.


Bharathi said...

I also have a bicornis bicollis uterus with 2 miscarriages, Really worried. Have u underwent any surgery?

Bernardeena said...

No I haven't had any surgery. With a bicornuate uterus surgery generally isn't needed. With a septate it definitely is so make sure they definitely know which one it is. If they haven't done any proper investigations please try and get some done just to be sure. Unfortuantely the risk of miscarriage is higher then for a normal uterus, but I want to encourage you in that I have gone on to have 2 normal healthy full term pregnancies. I know the worry is there, and googling although very useful can be scary too, but I just want to reassure you that despite the bicornuate bicollis and previous miscarriage it can work out ok.

vasavi said...

iam also having bicornuate bicollis utrus.but i got pregnency carrying 3rd there any thing problem in future? but nw iam very healthy no wamthings and all.pls snd me reply iam worring about that.

Thanking you.


Bernardeena said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Yes there is a higher risk of having your baby early, but I hope that your pregnancy goes smoothly and you and baby stay healthy.

I think the main thing is to make sure you stay healthy, contact your doctor or midwife if you are worried and as baby starts moving later in pregnancy make sure the movements are regular.

I know it is worrying, and the internet isn't always reassuring, but try and just take it a day at a time. I'm sorry there isn't more I can say to reassure but i wish you all the best.

aasiyahearth said...

A few years ago, thru MRI I was diagnosed with a SEPTATE Uterus... However recently a Pelvic Trans Ultrasound shows a bicornuate... My question for anyone with an abnormality is how is your menstrual cycle???

Since my very first menstrual cycle, I have had some tremendous cramping... Ijust always knew something wasnt right and i have yet to conceive... looking into getting surgery... Hopefully that will work... THANKS for the images it helped me to see how they can confuse my diagnosis... Im counfused myself...

Bernardeena said...

My cycle used to be a bit all over the place. For quite a while I used to have a 6 week 2 week cycle. Then for a while it settled down to a normal 5 weekish cycle but with a long period. Some of them have been very painful and heavy, I think it is when both sides kick off at once. However sometimes they are fine.

Good luck with any surgery, I hope you get a definite diagnosis, mri is generally much more acurate then ultrasound, but it is definitely worth finding out for sure before getting pregnant.

tarahencher said...
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T.Dot said...

Back in January, I suffered a miscarriage just before the end of my first trimester. The doctor sent me home and I waited it out until the miscarriage was over..not fun. Two days after that, I started bleeding and clotting all over again and had to go back to the hospital where a doctor performed a D&C on me. At this time, he discovered what he thought were 2 cervixes and I was scheduled for an MRI.
When the results came back, I was told I did have 2 uteruses and 2 cervixes with a complete septem. A few months later, I was called back in and told that upon furter review, I actually was diagnosed with Bicornis Bicollis Uterus.
I'm absolutely heartbroken at the thought that I may not be able to ever carry a baby to full term and I'm trying very hard to remain hopeful about it but it's hard...especially when most things I find online aren't the greatest of news.
I came across your blog while looking things up and I'm so happy to read that you have two healthy children. It gives me hope.

Bernardeena said...

I really hope and pray that one day you will have happy healthy children of your own.

Please try and push for a definite diagnosis before getting pregnant though, the differnce between a septate and a biornuate uterus is so muh when it comes to succesful pregnancy rates.

Also try not to get too downheartened at the internet, easier said then done. When I was first diagnosed I googled A LOT! And there are a lot of very sad stories and statistics out there, but I think often we just don't hear about the cases where everything goes smoothly and normally despite the anomally. Really wishing you all the best x

maddy said...

I am now 22week pregnant and Im having Bicournuate Bicollis uterus. Im healthy till now and Im feeling the baby movement these days. Im really afraid of this abnormality that Im having. Let me know whats the difference between Bicornuate Bicollis and Bicornuate unicollis. Which among the 2 is a better one? And Im really afraid of my upcoming weeks of pregnancy. Right now Im taking complete rest, doing nothing at home. Please tell me some suggestions so that I can feel relaxed about my pregnancy.

Bernardeena said...

I don't thing I can say which is better between bicornis and unicornis, I think the stats are actually better for bicollis though as the divide is more complete. With a unicollis there is only one cervix, and the heart shape can be very slight or severe. With a bicollis there are 2 cervixes and the heart shape is complete, so the 2 chambers of the uterus are seperate.

Either way we have what we have and can't change that. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy and I pray that all goes smoothly. I don't have any specific advice beyond make sure they measure cervical length to help prevent incompetent cervix. I know how scary it is at this point, I don't think anything can truely takeaway that fear of the unknown but just take each day at time and try not to read too many of the horror stories.

jen_t said...

I just wanted to post and let other ladies know that I too have bicornuate bicollis uterus. I have a happy healthy 11 month old son. Due to the severity of my bicornuate uterus there just wasnt enough room for him and my water broke at 29 weeks and I had him at 31 weeks. He was 4lbs but healthy. After a 4 week NICU stay we were able to go home. He has no developmental set backs and is now bigger than most kids his age :)

Wishing all the others who are pregnant or wishing to get pregnant and happy/healthy 9 months.

Bernardeena said...

Thank you for your comment. It is so lovely to hear about other people who have gone on to have healthy children with a bicornuate bicollis, although it sounds like you had a scary journey along the way.

MTJSich said...

hi, I have just been told that I might have Biconuate Bicollis by my gynae and that I should now do laproscopy to confirm the results. my first reaction was to cry which I did. My initial reaction was obviously depression and the thought that all is lost. I have a supportive husband and he always tries to make me feel that I am enough for him. but hey, we are African and hearing people ask me day in day out when the baby is coming is now burdensome. I know he might be going through the same pressure even though he does not show it. It hurts me deeply.
Anyways after receiving the results I wanted to give up hope because all literature seemed to say pregnancy is totally out of the question. thanks to this blog and your posts ladies, I trust i will forge ahead do the laproscopy and pray God grants me that which I pray for.
By the way ladies do you also experience excruciating period pains coz mine are way too much. And i would also like to find out anyone had twins with such uteri or a situation where both uteri are conceiving seeing we end up with two independent systems. PLEASE educate me more on this

Bernardeena said...

That sounds like a huge amount of pressure for you. It is hard enough dealing with fertility issues as a couple without a lot of outrside influence and pressure too. All is not lost but I too cried sometimes as it does hurt to know that pregnancy may not be easy and the huge risks. Allow yourself to cry about it but please don't give up all hope.

I do sometimes have excruciating periods yes, and sometimes very heavy, but not always. I think it is when both sides are having a period at the same time.

I pray that you get some answers from the laparoscopy and that you go on to have healthy happy pregnancies and babies. There is hope, I am living proof of that and I am always greatful to God for my 2 healthy children.

As for twins it is possible and does happen but it isn't that common as once you are pregnant in one side your hormones should stop you ovulating on the other side. It is possible to get pregnant in both sides at the same time but I think not very common as usually only one ovary ovulates at a time. So possible but I don't think any more common then normal twins. There was someone here in the uk though that had triplets, 2 in one uterus and one in the other and they were born safely although very early.

Sheila said...

Hello Bernadeena. Finding your blog is the ultimate blessing.
I do have a friend with a similar experience: She was diagnosed with a bicornuate unicollis uterus, her cycles can be 4 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week! Her bleeding excessive, to the point of requiring 10 pads per day. Her pain, excruciating, limiting all manner of physical activity.
You mentioned having had similar experiences. How did you deal with this? What help, in way of analgesia or otherwise, did you receive?

Bernardeena said...

To be honest the thing that helped most with the pain and very irregular cycles was going on the contraceptive pill. Fortunately my periods weren't always incredibly painful but when they were the only answer was painkillers(but not ibuprofen based as they never seemed to help) and bed. When I'm on the pill(currently Yasmin) they are so much lighter and never anything like as painful. I don't know if that is the most helpful answer but the pill really is a huge help for me.

Riza Avila said...

Hello Bernardeena i have bicronaute unicolli uterus (2 uterus and 2 cervix)and i am now worried coz im bleeding for 4 weeks. what are the best thing to do? and also what am i going to do to conceive a baby?i am nw 4 years married but no baby my husband want a baby please advise...........

Sri Nikitha Thummanapalli said...

Hello Bernardeena,

I'm a 22 years student. Recently, I was diagnosed with bicornuate bicollis uterus. Im not married and have no sex life. I'm worried about the future and marriage. What are the precautions or measures I can take to prevent any complications in my pregnancy in future?