Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A comment on a comment on a comment

Ok maybe the title is a bit over the top, but was reading Dr Spouse's blog this morning and it has got me thinking about my own view on why I want to adopt.

Even before we started ttc, had the miscarraige and found out about the double uterus I wanted to adopt. For me adoption isn't something that will be a second choice if we can't have kids naturally, but a first choice, although hopefully as well as having our own. I have always wanted(well for a long time) 5 kids, 2 of our own and 3 adopted. If we get to that I will definitely have my hands full!

Anyway maybe it is just the people I know, but opposite to what DR Spouse has found I seem to know quite a few people who adopt or foster. Maybe it has an effect on why I want to adopt, maybe they are just people put in place in my life so I can get advice when I need it, but for me personally it isn't as rare as it seems to be in the general population. Maybe a lot of these people have come into my life so that when we need help and advice there are people there to talk to that will understand. In my family alone I have an adopted aunt, an adopted brother and 2 foster cousins although of those it is only my brother that has had an impact on my life, and that has been a big one. He has shown me how incredibly difficult adoption can be, how many problems you can't fix for people, but also how much you can do to make a difference to a persons life. Even the house that we own has a history of fostering, the people who we bought it off have fostered, and still do foster so many children of so many ages, this may sound completely stupid, but it does feel like this house is supposed to be some sort of haven. I hope that we can restore it to that at some point in the future.

For now though our focus is on the TTC, and tomorrow is my results from the mri!


DrSpouse said...

I didn't know you had a blog - but now I've found it I've put it in my Google Reader list!

Love the picture at the top and your portraits (but can I say, I find the red on black a bit hard to read - Google Reader just gives you the text so I only see the normal colour scheme if I click over to leave a comment)

Bernardeena said...

I have you on my google reader too. I've not been blogging that long though. I shall have a look into the red and black though and will change it if necessary, I think I just like the colours a bit too much.