Tuesday, 2 September 2008

And the other side of life

Seemed odd putting this in the same post as the holiday snaps so thought I'd do it separate, but today was my husband's grannies funeral. It was just a tiny family affair, they are having a big service at her home church on another day, but the service itself was lovely. I met one of his aunt's and a cousin I hadn't before, but it was just such a shame that there was so much tension between the 2 sides of the family. I suppose it is different for me as an outsider, but it just seemed really awkward, although perfectly friendly and civil, between the two sides. Anyway no point me getting involved in any family disputes, I'll just be friendly to them all, especially on a day like today.

As a little aside I found out today that said granny's birthday was the same as little Arthur's due date. I knew they were similar times but I hadn't realised it was that day. I know he never got as far as a birthday, he may of been a she, and even if he had been born it's very unlikely to have been on the due date, however it's nice to think of them celebrating together in heaven.