Wednesday, 17 November 2010

17 months and 6 weeks to go.

This post is actually a day late, but as of yesterday N is now 17 months old, and only 6 weeks until the due date of my second! Not long left at all.

N is being lovely at the moment, but also testing out boundries quite a lot. His talking seems to be coming on the last few weeks and we definitely have a few more words, although they all seem to begin with D, like dog, dat(cat), dar (car), it is lovely to hear him speak those first few words more and more. He definitely takes after his Daddy in a love of trains and planes and has to stop and point whenever he sees or hears one. He also takes after his Daddy in his love of all things technical and forever is after tv remotes, playstation controllers, laptops, phones, putting dvds in the player etc etc. He also absolutely loves reading and the cold wet november weather hasn't dampened his love of the outside at all.

I had another midwife appointment this afternoon and this baby is now presenting breech. He was oblique at my last appointment and has now turned futher the wrong way. There is still time left for him to move, but it's a case of wait and see and in one way it means the whole vbac decision is taken out of my hands as a natural breech birth isn't something I want to try. I guess it isn't entirely surprising given that the percentage of babies presenting breech in woman with uterine anomalies is 40+% compared to 3% in the general public, but stats aside there is still nearly 6 weeks until I'm due in which time he may turn again.

I'll try and upload some pictures soon, but for now I'm off to bed. Night all.