Tuesday, 30 November 2010

What a difference a week makes!

The first picture was taken last week just 5 minutres walk from my house, a lovely picture of Autumn. The second was taken about an hour ago just 5 minutes walk in the opposite direction.
The quality isn't great as it was getting dark and it was just on my phone, but winter has definitely arrived! Time to bring out the horlicks and steamed puddings.

On to the knitting and I actually have some finishes!

So it might be lie to say complete finishes, as I need to tie in all the loose ends etc on the cardigan and get some buttons and block it, but I'm getting there with the finishes. I have a lot to do in the next 3 weeks to complete all the things I want to, but I'm 3/4 there with my nieces v neck, I have another ear warmer for me that should only take an evening, and another baby thing that just needs making up, which is unfortunately the bit I'm not great at.


cowboyboot lady said...

Wow! Great pics. Same thing here. It was sixty degrees yesterday and we had snow flurries this morning! Crazy weather!

Hazel said...

Gorgeous finishes! Schools shut but Lily has been throwing up all night :(