Monday, 25 February 2013


Excuse the grainy phone pictures, but look what a holiday can do! I am quickly running out of black so I'm hoping I have enough yarn to complete my stained glass blanket. I have the feeling I may run out 95% of the way round. The giant granny is growing quickly, and I got a very small amount of knitting done too.

Other things the holiday brought was the chance to read a book, I got 3/4 of the way through a book in a week! In the past that would have been very slow but nowadays its a rare chance I get to sit and read a book, and when I get time knitting takes precedent. The book I'm reading is 1356 by Bernard Cornwell and it's great. I have read all the previous books in the series so when I saw this in the library I didn't want to pass it over. I also went swimming by myself, not once but twice, and got to do actual swimming. Me and my friend spent half an hour sat in the jacuzzi chatting while the children were asleep and it was fantastic.

We also did loads with the kids but at the same time very little. For February in Britain you could not have asked for better weather. We spent a lot of time pottering around the farm we were staying at, watching the cows being milked, playing on the toy tractors and diggers, swimming and playing in the games room or at the little park area.
The beach was just a couple of miles away and beautiful. Unfortunately the boys weren't a huge fan after the big one accidentally fell in the sea after being chased by the waves. I think the little one just didn't like the noise! He isn't a fan of thing being too loud and the waves were crashing.

One thing they are both a fan of though is defintely ice cream. Especially if it is pink! Criccieth castle is Free to visit mid week in winter. It has stunning views, and best of all, it has an Ice cream shop at the bottom of the hill.

So that's about it for now. We are home with a bump, back to nursery, husband back to work, and me curled up on the sofa wishing the sun would come back!


Hazel said...

Lovely blankets. Love North Wales. Hope to see you Thurs. xx

Bernardeena said...

Should be there, I love north Wales too.