Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Blankets and underpants.

 We are currently on day 5 of underpants with the little one. There have been a few accidents but generally he is doing so well, the timing probably isn't the best but he has been ready for a while so we are taking the plunge. So far so good. I don't really post that much about them at the moment but we are all bimbling along fine. The big one is enjoying preschool, and he did his first unaided swim at the pool yesterday. The first I realised was when I turned around and he was swimming towards me! He currently wants a pick up truck and to marry his friend Liberty. The little one is saying such a huge amount of things, he sings everything still, and his love is mainly directed towards trains.

We are still nursing, bed sharing, and slinging but I feel like my 2 little boys are getting bigger all the time. These are precious days that I have with them and I'm enjoying all the cuddles while I can.

My free time is currently filled with my knitting and crochet. The blanket is fast coming on, I can't wait to use it, and the big one has already placed an order for a blanket of his own. The wool is on order but I will post about that when it gets here.

The squares for my own blanket are all complete but there are still a few ends to sew in. In future I will sew in ends as I go along! I have just started putting them all together using the join as you go method. I am really loving how it is looking, and the black pulls it all together. There are a lot of errors in some of my first few squares that I thought about redoing, but they were part of the learning and I think putting them in will show my crochet journey. My next blanket will be a bit more of a perfectionist project though. So still a way to go but hopefully I will have a finish to show you soon.
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I Believe in Miracles said...

So pretty!! I never could crochet.

Bernardeena said...

I am only just learning, youtube has been a huge help. I did once go to a learn to crochet day at my local knitting shop, but actually youtube has been better because I can pause, rewind, go back as I need, and it is there with me in the evening when I get stuck.