Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow day

Like most other children in the UK my boys had a snow day yesterday.
 The little one was only just one last time it snowed so this was a whole new experience for him.
By the end of the day he was sick of being in the sledge and just wanted to walk! He was so cold too by then poor thing.
Today is lovely and bright, the snow has stopped falling and the sky is blue. I'm hoping to get out for a walk after lunch and make the most of it while it is here.

Crafting wise I have been a bit held back by my crochet hook snapping. And then I had to rip a large amount of my lacey scarf back as I had done some when far too tired one night and ended up with several large holes that shouldn't be there. However I have a set of ebay rainbow coloured cheapy crochet hooks on the way so hopefully they will be here asap and I can get back in the swing before I lose momentum. I have done 25 squares so far though!

What I have done this week that I have never done before is made marmalade. It is this recipe but I only made half the amount and I used a mix of dark brown, light brown and golden sugar instead of white. It is absolutely delicious, like the old English marmalade I used to love as a kid. I felt very proud of myself this morning with my homemade bread and home made marmalade.


I Believe in Miracles said...

Love the pics! That marmalade looks amazing...