Friday, 4 January 2013

Goodbye Christmas, Hello new year

It has been a lovely but difficult Christmas here and it is lovely to now be in the new year. We have managed to avoid the dreaded Norovirus but we have been in a house of temperatures, coughs, sore throats and very grumpy very snotty boys. No one was too bad on Christmas day and we have just muddled through the rest of the holiday and it is nice to be into the new year and through the worst of it all.

We have been fortunate to not have any flooding in this part on the country but it has been one very very wet Christmas to end a wet yet. We are all hoping for the frosty days to come back, and the boys would love some snow, although it doesn't look like we are due any anytime soon.

Anyway back to Christmas. By far and away the best present I got this Christmas was a new nephew. He is beautiful, he finally made an appearance on the 23rd, and he was here for Christmas dinner with my brother, elder nephew and sil on Christmas day which was absolutely wonderful. Newborn babies are just so soft and precious. Aside from that I got a lovely knitting book from a different sil, a pretty brolley from dh, a lovely bracelet, and lots of yummy chocolates.

I have started a project for me. It is this scarf but I have made it much wider so it will be a wrap/shawl. It is a yarn I bought at a craft event and it is a lovely sparkly grey laceweight.

Normally I don't do new years resolutions but one of my aims for this year is to try and actually do some crochet. I have done a beginners course a couple of years ago but that is it. So I want to start a granny square blanket. It will be a long term project but one I hope to start at some point in the year. I like this one but using Colinette Jitterbug as I have quite a bit and more on the way.

Other then that my big projects for this year are all for me. I have this to do at some point, and my next project is this waistcoat for me. I love the cabling up the back and I have bought this bargainous yarn from my lys for it. You can't see the slight sparkle it has but it really lifts the grey.
So that is me for now, far too many projects, far too little crafting time.