Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas crafty bits

Now Christmas has been and gone I can share a few of my crafty bits with you. I was so hurried I didn't get pictures of half of them put in pleased I managed to get so much done.

For my lovely friend I made the summerflies shawl. It was her birthday just before Christmas and I really liked knitting this pattern.

Here is dh's jumper, he seems to like it and says it is really warm and comfy. It is about the only jumper he has that is really big enough for him.

A hat for my mum that isn't actually quite finished. I made cabled wrist warmers in the same yarn that she has had, but she will have to wait a couple of days extra for the hat. The picture doesn't show the depth of the red.

A purse that i improvised for a secret santa gift. I dont think she reads this blog but if you know who i mean please don't tell!

And I also made a deep purple silky lacy scarf for my grandma and a plain scarf with some white king cole galaxy for my neice. I haven't got photos of either unfortunately.

Finally some yummy fudge. I have only made no cook fudge before, not real stuff so I was really pleased with how this turned out.

So now I can move on to something for myself, I think I already have about 5 projects lined up!