Saturday, 22 December 2012

2 years

Today was the party for my littlest man. He was 2 on tuesday and today we celebrated with family.

It is lovely to see the person he is becoming. He is much feistier then his older brother but also less stubborn. His talking has come on an amazing amount in 6 month, from 2 words in June to thousands now. He is getting really sociable and he loves singing more then I can tell you. Why say something if you can sing it? He loves all things train, tractor and digger related, and he loves eating strawberries, olives and cake. He has never slept through the night but is so much more settled with bed then the big boy has ever been. He still loves his mummy milk and I'm very pleased to have reached 2 still feeding. I don't know how long we will nurse for but he loves it and it has health benefits for both of us so no plans to stop just yet. He is getting really good at using the potty now. I'm sure with a push he could be fully toilet trained very soon but we are just following his lead at the moment. Because of which all birthday pictures are pantless so not internet friendly. Aside from that some are also rather dark as we had a power cut so presents were opened in the dark by candle light.

Happy birthday to my special lovely wonderful little boy.