Saturday, 31 July 2010

18 weeks and flying.

Somehow I have reached 18 1/2 weeks already. Compared to last time this pregnancy is flying. Maybe it is because I don't have quite as many worries about the whole double womb thing given my body has now done this once before, maybe it is because I have DS to chase after and keep me occupied, but it doesn't seem like I will be half way in a week and a half!

This pregnancy has been quite different to the last, even less sickness, but maybe slightly more tiredness. The unconsumable hunger hasn't hit this time either, meaning so far I've only put on a few pounds despite a fair sized bump. Last time I put on 4 stones in total but I very much doubt I'll hit anything like that this time. I seem more emotional this time, last time I never had the pregnant lady emotions, but this time I have cried once or twice at cbeebies. And my words are often missing and my sentances disappear halfway.

Anyway a week and a half and then we get to hopefully find out what gender this little one is (I'm leaning towards girl) and to see ours bubs on that little screen for a few minutes.

In the mean time I'm sat here having snuggles and watching 'In the night garden' as the rain pours outside.